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  1. TheTreeSpyder

    Bowline slippage

    TY, amazing, memorable, concise, imagery factoid of just how sensitive this is to these things, very counter-intuitively to this extent. i don't think stiff cable is that bad by comparison.. Just as say each man is his own savant; Dyneema is amazing, but i think we are hitting at it's Achille's...
  2. TheTreeSpyder

    Bowline slippage

    Again, i put that on the low CoF of securing hold from the same position, pressures etc. compared to other ropes of a shorter bury of higher CoF. . Also, a smoother taper, for this material seems to take deformity even less well than others too. . Even in not knotting dyneema because doesn't...
  3. TheTreeSpyder

    Bowline slippage

    on the coEfficient chart of mated materials: radial(link) teflon/teflon=teflon/steel=.04 dyneema/dyneema is .05-.08 nylon/nylon is .15-.25 nylon/aluminum is .25 nylon/steel is .4 manilla/wood is .5 . The above frictions are exponential compounding multiplier in arc/capstan formulae. >>As...
  4. TheTreeSpyder

    Tree work is not for everyone… The importance of listening to your minds voice

    Tune, true and test your senses against the math as can. But still listen to bod, in head or in more Eastern mind stomach, solar-plexus etc. too. . This is risky biz, but less so to those are humble enough to fall back, rather than always blindly charge.. There are those (z)heros that offer...
  5. TheTreeSpyder

    Select and Check your anchor

    Pilots are cold, clean calculating, 'Knowledge Replaces Fear', trusting the numbers and 'feel' tuned to mo'fos; when in the focus of their game zone. Pilots have all that tuned up louder over rest of human screams inside; only with more than just all their (like climber) chips on the table.... ...
  6. TheTreeSpyder

    Safety lanyard for Bosun's Chair

    Simplest seat is made more for positioning than catching life load. Lanyard, especially adjustable, can be very key in most leveraged, more stable and comfy positioning to better view of work along with main line. Especially see this if main support and lanyard are offset from each other where...
  7. TheTreeSpyder

    Select and Check your anchor

    Bomb Pruf anchor great place to start! And in knots i always set backwards from final ballast of Nip, grooming backwards to and out Standing Part. i think of it like a Porty/ropeBrake setup. The nip is the 'tailer'/controller; set this man first to get the jump on the Load, instead of Load...
  8. TheTreeSpyder

    Will a larger rigging ring always make more friction?

    Fair enough; but as a support consideration of devil's advocate: any frictions reduce doubling/pulley effect loading potential of support (to more nominal of load only)with immediate/conversion co$t friction at redirect so less force is broadcast further down control leg pulling on ring that...
  9. TheTreeSpyder

    Tips and Tricks

    Using harness is better than using workmen's comp mite sell.
  10. TheTreeSpyder

    Carabiner accidentally opens after swing during a climb

    One of first lessons is not to grab hitch etc.; drill that instinct(good word) out. Many things can do instinctively right; but make list of those that are counter-intuitive , fool the eye; as an emergency over-rule eye before hand off to brain list. . i think of eye as having faster/lesser...
  11. TheTreeSpyder

    Alternative to Scaffold Knot and Buntline Hitch

    i would say 'Clove Like' because of the angle of pull makes it functionally more like 2 Halfs. Also, in so much ; does give nip on the first pull by the major pulling over the minor force; where in Clove normal pulls more major under minor, making it a Crossing Turn of less 'nip' value, ...
  12. TheTreeSpyder

    Will a larger rigging ring always make more friction?

    My experience over years hauntingly reflects the same patterns as numbers shown in Mechanics of Friction in Rope Rescue -Dr. Attaway also as i sift memory; and all i have written as i work with what i think i know, but am always looking to acid test it to break it/prove self wrong when...
  13. TheTreeSpyder

    Will a larger rigging ring always make more friction?

    When pull across a flat ground, have 2 directional forces: horiz travel to your cos/cause and 90 degrees sin across force of vertical to ground for friction mated against that surface also carried as work load. This is how most works as commonly seen, and eye L-earns. Then always does primary...
  14. TheTreeSpyder

    Old School Rigging

    It is good to know these root, pivotal, balls to the wall engagement of forces so fluently as to see their refinements gathered in other things, as same skeleton/schematic of services. . Best to be so fluent can steer clear of these things to the refinements throughout work life.. Also very...
  15. TheTreeSpyder

    Old School Rigging

    Some things; best to study to understand not to invoke mostly (Dutch example theory). Any kind of wood pocket gives more un-inspectable(beyond whiffs of smoke), thermally insulated rope glazing pocket , heat build up etc. as aggravating conditions and examples of what not to build towards. Also...
  16. TheTreeSpyder

    Rope strength question

    Most correct that elastic dampening response is from how far invades MBS. . This is so true that 2/1 pulley on load raises capacity so reciprocally reduces elastic dampening response in trade. Even tho more rope in the system, it is not accounted for as more rubber band to take shock like if...
  17. TheTreeSpyder

    Rope strength question

    Using something that is more efficient; takes more towards full capacity load, can be like working a chain hard without a kink in it. Can take you longer immediately with more Max Headroom and over longer term, more confident life from less stress as any other. . The strength numbers are a...
  18. TheTreeSpyder

    Tree Climbing Books

    There are some over views, then specific topics of safety, biology, roping studies, working saw etc. to this orchestration. Some freebies: . TB article archives(here) Educated Climber: The Fundamentals of General Tree Work – Digital Edition by G.F. Beranek Educated Climber: ABoK reference...
  19. TheTreeSpyder

    Clove Hitch

    Very nice contribution; anything i add is meant to help, give different facet view angle to same gem; and so sorry, also delves into questionable realm of own personal, twisted brain works and internal namings etc... i say the initial naming is by: Termination is a Hitch, Bend is a coupling...
  20. TheTreeSpyder

    Rope strength question

    i think if the load leg goes over a branch, then B'Fly around main leg leaving a retrieval handle with other end of B'Fly is about same as ring in same position as B'Fly? . The most loaded deformity is the bend around branch support, actually then buffering load to the B'Fly or ring position...

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