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  1. TheTreeSpyder

    Rope Parts: Inlines, Radians, Frictions and Nips

    Pre-ramble: i can now truly say that rope has fascinated me from 6-60!>>So much so writing this on vacation! i have re-sharpened my definition of our friend rope many, many times. i'm always trying to tell rope's story better; so once again will try to describe what i think i see. i pull from...
  2. TheTreeSpyder

    Center of Gravity pivotal concept

    We's kicked this around elsewhere's; and to me, important enough to infect here also... WARNING: long conceptual post ahead; challenging some popular concept's imagery >>some would advise de-tour now ;brain in tact; instead of change everything! . Simplest CoG(Center of Gravity) expression...
  3. TheTreeSpyder

    screen test

    Test Flash build series of conversions to then show on youTube. >>presently slideshow stills, but working towards animation sequences(biology, hinging, knotting etc.) >>next: should see where left opening to show BBR, pre/finishing cuts to fight fiber disruption in finishing cut,undercut...
  4. TheTreeSpyder

    proper rope mechanics: tail of SheetBend/Bowline and Angles of Pull

    Rope/flexible devices have mechanically correct usages just like , building materials and car alignments/non_flexible devices. But even more so, because what allows rope to so easily fold up into nothing at end of workday; also limits flexible devices to only supporting on the inline/major...
  5. TheTreeSpyder

    Life Rescue Puzzle

    i was 135# dripping wet, rescued 360#man (that thought he should climb despite his epilepsy) i had 1 pulley ran up tree with... . . i remember that big bear's furry arm darting out trying to grab me like a drowning man; as i went straight to him, i said oh no, went overhead to lift out rather...
  6. TheTreeSpyder

    Sweating line / 1 man line leveraging

    MTL/forces_sweat.swf With barely no tools (load, line, anchor) can leverage line more than with a pulley. Shown in "Rigger's Apprentice" (Brion Toss)as line Sweating;' and in "Moving Heavy Things" (Jan Adkins) as line swigging.
  7. TheTreeSpyder

    Playing with Forces

    To understand rigging and climbing on rope, i think it is best to understand the forces in rope. Also, the same science will hold true within the microcosm of a knot, commanding it's properties. To live on rope, dependent on it for support, rigging , pulling, knotting, tie down etc. all day...
  8. TheTreeSpyder

    Half Hitches

    Basic Halfs This .swf on Basic Half Hitch forms presents a number of lacings, animated, fades, text etc. yet is under 40k. 40k size is about what one might see on a single knot pic. i always envisioned this in a book form, like animation on left page, and text on right facing page: Book...
  9. TheTreeSpyder

    ABoK on Half Hitches, Timbers, why a Scaffold is s

    Lacings 1662, 1663, 1707 all show Half Hitches that are alike, save for the position of the nip / Hold fast/ pinch that holds the knot. 1662 is the worst, where the nip is close to the Standing (Tension) Part, where the forces pull away from the spar most. A slipped Half (1664) is higher...
  10. TheTreeSpyder

    Potential 21x from a 5xRig and a 3xRig

    21xfrom a 5xRig and a 3xRig By insetting the 3xRig (and not just piggy backing it on end of 5xRig) we can tap into the Equal and Opposite forces of the 3xRig that are promised, and use those forces to add more advantage. Now if the person pulling, insets themself inside of the 3xRig the same...
  11. TheTreeSpyder

    Top 10 Knots for Scouts etc.

    What are the top 10 knots you'd recommend for scouts(or general people) to know for a 'merit badge' or whatever?
  12. TheTreeSpyder

    Dynamic Properties of Knots in a System

    ol'KnudeNoggin sent me this(he's jest a fool fer a good time).
  13. TheTreeSpyder

    New Forum

    Our Steve Bullman that has contributed to many forums has started his own forum flavour called Arb Talk. Steve has shown his own even style for years; and i'd expect his hosting to be more of the same. It may seem like we have enough forums; but each forms it's own life and personality. Plus...
  14. TheTreeSpyder

    Reverse DdRT for pretensioning rigging

    A climber operating/moving on a standard DdRT; controls 2 legs of pulls on themselves by a single leg adjustmeant of the friction hitch; for a 2:1 lift or lower (at a theoretical Zer0 friction at the support). This 2:1 can be also employed in a rigging by the climber iff(if and only if)...
  15. TheTreeSpyder

    Sermon : "Cleanliness next to Godliness"??? a rant

    Sermon : \"Cleanliness next to Godliness\"??? a rant Maybe in our worlds order is so right, and in surgery-sanitation is so right. It seems that this visual ordered sense of balance is so important that it is even part of our mating etc. Outside of our own, extending this type of order seems...
  16. TheTreeSpyder

    Leveraged Line Angles model

    This shows how line angles affect loading on different positions. This gives the forces of speedlining, sweating, pulley angles, choke teepees etc. and perspective power losses and gains all at once; as the same science. The pulley and the yellow bolt/rope anchors are all draggable to adjust...
  17. TheTreeSpyder


    Swiggin\' Swigging is the olde term for what Brion Toss has called Sweating In. This is a very powerful friend; to be aware of and constantly use/ not let it use you in rope work. Sir Toss tells of swashbuckling mens at the mercy of the sea for months at a time, before electricity, radio or...
  18. TheTreeSpyder

    Rope Forces and Knots Flash Archive

    i've re-disorganized so many drawings and animations that i've lost some over time it seems. So; i've been trying to gather the Flash-Rope/Knot ones onto a page of it's own: Flash Archive of Rope Forces and Knots(mostly); which are a far cry from the humble beginnings of 1st Archive of...
  19. TheTreeSpyder

    The Grog's Full Knot Listing

    The Grog\'s Full Knot Listing All Grog's Animated / Slideshows of Knots Dr. Grogono has fine sites on Magic Squares , Stereo Art etc.; and his knot site rules above the rest. Also is probably the most often linked to knot tying help, and of best quality too! Usually the knot listings are...
  20. TheTreeSpyder

    Halyard Hitch animation

    Halyard, Anchors, Strangle etc. from Overhand Knot Pointer is draggable to scroll through animation; a few knots for 33k download; good per some olde standard!

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