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  1. Brocky

    Beal Birdie Recall

    Haven’t seen much about them being used here, but...
  2. Brocky

    Shizll Substitute

    A simple tender that’s midline attachable.
  3. Brocky

    Misc. Stuff ALL SOLD OUT

    Treemotion Lt.- manufactured in 2011, but very little wear, few minor dings on hardware and paint off of buckles. $190 SOLD Spiderjack 3- all three sizes of cams, very little wear. $190 SOLD DMM Nexus- lightly used. $65 SOLD Unicorn Figure Eights- $18 each SOLD
  4. Brocky

    Rope Rebuild Harness

    Have been meaning to try this out for awhile and the recent thread on the new pads further nudged me. These pads are from a YX Good Harness and the rope and cord replacements kept metal hardware to just the two buckles and bridge rings. COVID put a stop on a rigging plate I had ordered, but...
  5. Brocky


    The original thread must have accidentally been locked, and no one can find the key now.
  6. Brocky

    Sherrill Shenanigans??

    From their most recent email, is it a mistake , or bait and switch? The harnesses I checked were $10 or more when clicked.
  7. Brocky

    Eastern Subterranean Termites

    Do these critters eat live trees?
  8. Brocky

    Climbstuff Calls it Quits

    I guess global domination of therock climbing gear market is no longer in the cards.
  9. Brocky

    A Chunk of Metal With Some Holes

    The following is greatly inspired by the most excellent idea of the dogbone from the Hitch Hiker. Just put the friction hitch legs through the holes and tie stoppers. After a few more complicated designs, this was the simplest, and seems the best for this type of design. With the small...
  10. Brocky

    Camp’s Swing Adjustable Lanyard

    Looks like it might make a good adjustable bridge if it were MBS rated. It releases under load, especially when used for bridge. With full body weight it was more on or off, brake hand use needed for smoother descent.
  11. Brocky

    Light, Low Tech Knee Ascender

    Found one of the various shaped v, or clam clamps works good, as long as you’re not in a hurry.
  12. Brocky

    Sticht Hitch

    This hitch has come up in a couple other threads, Hitch Hiker Length, and Lanyard Adjuster. Thanks to those who are trying this hitch and giving feedback on their experiences. @JontreeHI, there might be binding due to the legs being too short to allow the ring to be positioned farther down from...
  13. Brocky


    There is no longer the option to edit posts after 5 minutes. Is it possible to go back to always be able to edit at anytime, for those of us that aren't as quick witted? Sorry, I was in pm, and don't know how to delete. I was right about the slow witted part!
  14. Brocky

    Updated Sequoia

    Saw this in the Bartlett catalog. Notice no stopper knots. The SRT model has a vertical loop in front like most rock climbing harnesses.
  15. Brocky

    Twisting The Night Away

    While testing with the HH2, I found that twisting the friction hitch to uncoil the wraps would release the hitch, allowing it to descend. The speed of descent can be regulated easily with the amount of twist given. Twisting the opposite way, or releasing the hitch, stops the descent. This led...
  16. Brocky

    Ad Infection

    Noticed that Sterling ads are included numerous times in middle of the threads now. Is this on purpose, or technical problem?
  17. Brocky

    Soft Choke

    Another option for a choked anchor point. The carabiner can dangle or attach it to the rope also, for back up.
  18. Brocky

    Hitch Hiker Brake Bar

    I borrowed a non approved device from rock/ mountain climbing to take some wear off of the hitch cord. This is my crude version with what I had. A nice steel one would be nice.
  19. Brocky

    Marlow's Viper Cord and Other Cover Only Flexible Splices

    The unusual combination of materials interested me enough to get some, with low expectations for it because of the polypropylene core. The cover is half polyester, half Vectran, not the usual technora, which Marlow calls snakeskin. It's similar to the cover of the older version of 10mm...
  20. Brocky

    HD Retractable Reels

    Handcrafted like they they make them in the old country. Almark reel with 2 lbs. of force in a solid case. 42" Kite Harness line 2 1/4" diameter 1 5/8" wide 3.6 ounces $50.00 shipping included to lower 48 states PayPal- friends and family/ gift or you pay fee.

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