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    Should I put a branch manager grapple on a thomas 25g mini skid?

    The best estimate is the TNA weighs ~20lb more than the BMG.... it’s rated for 3klb, something like the Toro 1000, Ditch Witch 1050, etc are just fine . Ironically, the BMG was built back in the mid 2000s for the company running Thomas mini skids. TNA and BMG started at the same place. The...
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    Sexism and Homophobia in Arborculture/TreeLife?

    This had me scratching my head... did a little pondering and research learning a bit along the way. A derrick? If so, it is named after an executioner in Middlesex from the late 1500s to early 1600s named Thomas Derrick. He died around 1608 after executing an estimated 3000 people. Given...
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    Should I put a branch manager grapple on a thomas 25g mini skid?

    They’re very similar in weight. The TNE is made from stronger steel (AR400 side plates for example), opens wider, internal hose routing, wider pusher, pin on both bollards for tying off a rope, teeth inside the tip of the jaws for grabbing larger diameter wood more securely. Missed the price...
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    Should I put a branch manager grapple on a thomas 25g mini skid?

    I ran a Thomas 25G and BMG from 2007-2011, fantastic combo. The first video would have been in 2007 when I’d just bought it. If you decide to buy new, I’d love to earn your business. 662-251-9191 Sent out a couple last week to Wisconsin.
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    Banned by Carl the Lumberjack

    "Attack" :ROFLMAO: The post I was referring to, that Kevin deleted because it was "unnecessary." You calling me an asshole is laughable... keep up your righteous fight, may it serve you well. Thanks for the traffic!
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    12k axle up front how heavy of a loader can I put behind the cab?

    This, except the loader's center of gravity will be aft of the pedestal, how much depends on the loader, how much the grapple weighs, and where you stow the grapple (farther back the better for reducing front axle weights). 20-24" is the offset from the loader's center of rotation I'd use for...
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    Arbor pro 83hd 24v accessories

    It sounds like it's for using with 24V things, presumably at a low amperage. You're not going to run much in the way of tools at 24V on a 100' extension cord that runs through the boom.
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    500i or 661

    I’m replacing a ported 461 with a ported 500i... waiting on the 500i to get worked on, but I expect I’ll be content with it at the least.
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    Niftylift SD50 hose replacement

    If a hose blew, I’d evaluate the reason it blew and compare it to the other hoses. They are a wear item, but blanket replacing every hose isn’t how I’d spend my time or money. The hoses don’t have to come from Nifty, labor depends on the market (I would do it myself before paying someone else...
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    Grapple truck insurance

    When I had a grapple truck my insurance with Progressive was under $150/month... it was under $150/month for my Treemek as well. Insurance through Progressive for my hook lift truck was going to be very expensive, I don't recall but something like better than a grand a month... With State Farm...
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    Grapple Truck Body Build

    5: I'm a big fan of a roll off container style door, built strong with the ability to open easily even with a heavy load against it. I've never seen barn doors built like that. If you're chipping into it, the single door could be built with two panels, top and bottom. Chip over the bottom...
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    Bil Jax 55xa vs nifty Lift SD50 vs others

    That's silly. Let me know if you need any help from the dealer level. Replacing a load holding valve takes maybe 2-3 minutes including getting and putting the tools away. What kind of problems at 1500 hours? My first SD64s I've sold have around 4k hours on them now. Outside of the warranty...
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    Bil Jax 55xa vs nifty Lift SD50 vs others

    Sounds like his load holding valve was leaking, possibly from a piece of debris in it.
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    Bil Jax 55xa vs nifty Lift SD50 vs others

    I've heard silicone lubricant spray can help with the freezing outrigger switches... I've never had that problem with my SD64s in balmy Mississippi.
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    Lift for crane removals.

    The SD64 gets to 70’ working height inside a 12’ working radius. An SD85 would be very interesting, to me.
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    Hooklift tips wanted.

    The hook lift hoist should easily outlive the chassis as well.
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    Carbon Fiber in Low temps ?

    You won't be climbing in temperatures that will affect carbon fiber.
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    my notyoutube channel

    From a videographer perspective, the blown highlights in the forest footage is distracting to me. I like the focus rack for the intro. I like the other clips being spread throughout the video... I need to make something similar for my company. Some of the worst footage from the current...
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    Lift Advice

    The SD64 also only has to be level within 3* to achieve the unrestricted/normal chart. The gradability specs (driving power) of the SD64 are quite impressive, topping the tracked lifts that I've compared it to.
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    Lift Advice

    Sending a PM.

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