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  1. Jonny

    Can anyone ID this chipper?

    The one photo I’ve found is linked to Bandit’s website but there’s nothing there indicating what the model is. Likely from mid 80s to possibly early 90s, so around the time they were building the old model 100. I’ve searched google images trying to find another, but can’t find another. Quite a...
  2. Jonny

    Anyone using the Hayauchi with Sintung?

    I might just pick out a 1.75” pruner head, but if the Sintung will really cut 2” softer woods, I’d buy the 21’ Hayauchi pole saw and the pruner head. There’s 15% off Silky stuff at Wesspur now, I think too. Any words on the durability of the pole itself? Thanks for any feedback.
  3. Jonny

    * More stuff added 10/31* Buy some gear and help out a good cause

    This might seem strange or different at first but I’m hoping we can do some good here and help out one of our own during a really difficult time. I got some stuff that I haven’t used or needed in a while and I’m hoping some of you guys can use it. 100% of proceeds from what I sell in this thread...
  4. Jonny

    Trade? My rope grab for your chest ascender.

    Buckingham aluminum rope grab/ lanyard adjuster for half inch max rope. These are good for a dedicated pine lanyard. Figured this is worth a shot before I just buy a chest ascender. I have a few of these that came in a lot I bought on ebay. They...
  5. Jonny

    Can the search function be improved?

    Just wondering if it'd be much work to have the search function allow 3 letter words? "Oops! We ran into some problems. The search could not be completed because the search keywords were too short, too long, or too common. " I'm not going to try to list known abbreviations and acronyms but so...
  6. Jonny

    Ever seen a lanyard adjuster like this?

    My old foreman and trainer probably still climbs on this. I did for 3 years or so before I got a Gibbs or hitch cord. Idk what it's called. Looks kinda like a sheet bend or Becket bend only half of it's steel instead of rope. Very secure, no slipping, very inexpensive, one hand adjustability...

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