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    Nifty Lift SD50 and SD64 on Sale!

    Compact Equipment Store is running a sale on Nifty SD64s! $92,950 with the usual set of 24" DICA outrigger pads AND FREE DELIVERY within 1k miles! Here's one that left last week, we'll have another headed north early next week! I also extended the sale to ONE Nifty SD50, $56,500 with the...
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    2015 Nifty SD64 4x4x4

    Listing my personal unit for sale while there is warranty remaining. It has ~115 hours on it currently. I'll buy another and keep rocking the SD64. $86,500.
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    Terex TSG 538 Stump Grinder

    Check out the Terex TSG538 stump grinder! We should break 100 hours on ours by the end of next week. This stump grinder is an affordably priced money maker! For a limited time, get yours for $17,000 DELIVERED to a business address (with a forklift to unload) anywhere in the Continental US...
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    Hot deal! New Terex TAC730 with Winch in NJ!

    $33k! I have a deal on ONE new Terex TAC730 chipper with a Kubota diesel. This chipper has a winch, height adjustable discharge chute, tool box, and lexan tail light covers. The chipper is located in New Jersey. The price is $33,000. I have two more 730s in stock, without a winch is $31k, $34k...
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    Nifty Lift

    Compact Equipment LLC/I am Nifty Lift's newest dealer. Before I became a dealer, I bought a SD64 from another dealer (paid regular street price) for Rutherford Contracting LLC (RC, my working company). I have a SD50 and SD64 on order, they should be here in 1 and 3 months...
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    Two Terex TAC730 Chippers, Avant 420 Demo Unit

    April deals!
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    RopeTek Wraptor $2k Delivered

    I bought this unit new from Paul and rode it the first time 8/25/2014. The first time I rode a Wraptor was in 2009 I believe. Aside from breaking it in (no load per Paul's instructions), and running it out of fuel for storage, I've only used it on 5 trees that I remember, far less than half a...
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    Carlton 7015TRX

    662-251-8686 Sold!
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    BMG Sale!

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    Brand new Terex TAC730, $27k!

    I found a screaming deal on a brand new Terex 730. 1-2 hours on it, ready to go! Walk around video of a nearly identical machine Jesse Huffman is getting this morning: 662-251-8686
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    Terex 2014 Demo 750HD Chipper

    Sold! I have access to a 2014 Terex TAC750 HD which was a dealer demo machine. It has the following options: 140HP Tier 3 John Deere, Winch with 120' of rope, HD Infeed (18"x24" Throat), Height Adjustable Discharge, Radiator Guard, and Lexan Tail Light Covers. ~140 dealer demo hours, being...
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    2 Terex TAC750 Tier 3 Chippers Remain!

    There are two Tier 3 750s left, one with a 140hp John Deere in Virginia and another with a 160hp Cummins at the factory in Michigan. Both are available for several thousand under retail. After these two chippers are gone, there will be a gas engine option that will cost ~$2-3k less or the...
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    New 2014 Terex TAC720 Chipper

    I'm a dealer for Terex, there are 4 of these chippers available new, as well as the demo unit I have down here in Mississippi. Long story short, these chippers were designed to be a competitor in the big line clearance and similar companies. They are essentially a Terex TAC730 without...
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    Compact Equipment

    I'm still doing tree/contracting work and still selling for Dave/Top Notch/Branch Manager Attachments, but I started CES back in April as a separate company to handle my selling endeavors. Last month I (Compact Equipment became a Terex Environmental dealer, and my latest product line...
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    New 50" Valby Grapple

    I bought this grapple to put on my excavator, but never put it on because I got the idea for something better (although ~8x more expensive). Tomorrow or Tuesday I'm ordering a grapple saw for my excavator. Let me know if you're interested...
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    2008 Boxer 532DX, BMG, New Tracks, 16' Trailer

    Free delivery/meet-up within 3 hours of 39702. Deduct $500 for no new tracks, $1k for no trailer. This was a trade in from Arborworks/Scott N from South Carolina. I've put 10-11 hours on it, it's ready to go. I'm selling to free up capital, as I have access to another 532DX, Gehl AL140, and...
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    Boxer Mini Skid Sale!

    I'm running a sale on Boxer mini skids, the 320, 322D, and the 532DX. What prompted the sale originally was the fact that there are a finite number of 32hp engines left to go into making a 532DXs. I've sold 5 in the past week, 3 are coming to me in Mississippi, 3 are...
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    Hydraulic Mini Skid Stump Grinder from Stumper Industries

    I've seen them for a few years, but only recently did I start looking (Saw them a '13 TCIA Expo). I bought the smallest model, with an advertised gpm range from 10-15GPM, although that's conservative on both ends, more so on the high end. I picked it because it would be...
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    Mustang MTL325 Compact Track Loader (Tak TL250)

    I bough a new Mustang MTL325 on June 13th, 2013. This is the same machine as the Takeuchi TL250 with a swing out door. It now has ~228 hours on it, although it's still in use as needed, so that can change. It has cab with air, foot throttle, and high flow as options. It had dual hand controls/H...
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    Avant 419/420 Mini Wheel Loader

    I'm excited about a new loader Top Notch Equipment will likely become a dealer for. Many folks remember the little Avant/Gehl AL20 from back in the day... now they are back and modernized as the Avant 419/420! We (TNE) bought the first unit in North America. The 419 is gas, the 420 is diesel...

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