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  1. Samsquanch

    Knew it was going to happen.

    I was removing a large silver leaf stringy bark today. I've worked on heaps of these trees, a local school we do allot of work for has them everywhere. I nearly had it down to a pole and was disassembling the head. Three limbs, i had been rigging out of one, only one limb left to rig out then i...
  2. Samsquanch

    Cousin atrax splice how to

    Ok, so after searching and researching ( i cant find the patent they claim to have on it) for ages i cant find a deconstruction, instruction, analysis anything on how cousin does their splice. Is it just a straight bury of the jacket with tapering overlap lile a 16 strand splice? A workmate...
  3. Samsquanch

    Twin line out of a positioner.

    Had a bunch of spare parts and bits and bops. Made this. Not sure if its ever been cobbled together before, so, yeh. Still want to grab a couple more bits to make it a bit more presentable, long webbing sling for the retrieval shackle and a petzl stem to tidy up the sling on the ring. The ring...
  4. Samsquanch

    Whipping/lockstitching DB splices

    I initially found an old thread with limited discussion and didn't feel like necro posting to a 6 year old thread. Looking for people's general thoughts on whipping/lockstitching double braid climbing line splices, specifically nylon/polyester and all polyester cordage. With all of my splices...

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