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  1. Z'sTrees

    Sold Mini port-a-wrap, rope wrench tether

    Up for sale: Brand new in the box buckingham mini port a wrap. It is smaller than I expected and I bought a medium instead. Paid $120, sell for $75 shipped to lower 48. I also have a hank of 1/2" t-rex and can make you any sling you want for it for a few extra dollars. Deadeye, whoopie, loopie...
  2. Z'sTrees

    Kmiii max sewn eye

    Technically not a splice, but... I was told by wesspur that they can't sell the km3 max with a sewn eye due to insufficient break test numbers that do not meet the ansi 5400lb standard. Treestuff said no problem, Sherrill has a sewn eye available on their site as well. After a bit more...
  3. Z'sTrees

    FREE Cobra cabling supplies

    I have a contractor bag full of cobra cabling supplies that was given to me. Various diameters and lengths of cable, a large roll of chafe sleeve and several various rubber energy absorbers. I have not used the cobra system before and not sure that I could call this "complete". Cleaning out the...
  4. Z'sTrees

    Want to buy used rope wrench

    Prefer zk-2. Making a rig'n'wrench, hope someone has an old one hanging around.
  5. Z'sTrees

    Wanted: pole or euro gaffs for geckos

    Title says it all. Wanna try something other than the tree gaffs and don't want to spend $100. I would also be super grateful if someone had some I could borrow to try out. Thanks, Nick
  6. Z'sTrees

    Climbright aluminum gaffs

    Climb right aluminum spurs for sale. Leather t pads, synthetic straps. These have the updated profile spikes on them and will come with the original as well as extra hardware. They are used in good condition, plenty of life left in everything. $150 shipped to the lower 48 for everything in...
  7. Z'sTrees

    Berger telescoping aluminum pole

    Anyone used one of these? Sherrill sells them and seems to think highly of them. The bigshot works with it so I assume any regular attachments would work too. Any information is much appreciated.
  8. Z'sTrees

    Hitchhiker 2

    Hh2, been used for a few months now. No noticeable wear on the dogbone or spine. Comes with Ct steel biner, hitchhiker haulenbeek holster, and some lightly (tested them out but no real work climbs) used hitchcords. 10mm beeline, 9mm rit, 8mm op $130 shipped to the lower 48
  9. Z'sTrees

    Gear for sale

    Everything is sold! New, in package transporter from rock exotica. $55 CT simple ascender. Lightly used, looks more or less new and functions perfectly. $45 Climbright steel core flipline with grab and steel swivel snap, includes twist shackle. 1/2"x10'. Used, in good condition $40...
  10. Z'sTrees

    Hemlock cone production

    Maybe someone on here more knowledgeable can help: I have two Carolina hemlocks (tsuga caroliniana) that are absolutely covered in cones. There is little to no sign of adelgid and overall the trees look very healthy. I raised the crown on these about a year ago to clearance the a roof and...
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