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    Pacar motor

    Thanks for the replies.
  2. allmark

    Scary crane operator

    But he complained about the ground not taking care of his equipment when the saw dropped then threw his gear from the tree
  3. allmark

    Knuckleboom vs. Wallboard Crane

    Get in touch with someone that has each type of unit and go visit them. First hand evaluation to see if it is what you expect.
  4. allmark

    Pacar motor

    Does anybody have experience with these someone told me to stay away from this motor in a Peterbilt
  5. allmark

    My Accident 50ft Fall

    Thanks for posting. Prayers and thoughts for a full recovery
  6. allmark

    Renting a treemek for the first time

    Here are a couple videos of bypass cuts
  7. allmark

    Renting a treemek for the first time

    I just reread this post. If you are only using 1 sling you want it to be on the side that would be where you saw is as you finish the cut. So it sounds like you should have cut 90 degrees from the direction you did and the crane operator rotate to make the pick. with only 1 sling having it on...
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    Crane Certification Requirements

    In NewYork State you are required to have a Crane Operators Certificate of Competance even for tree work. Exception: If there is no hoist line(KBoom) you are not required to have one.
  9. allmark

    Chest Rollers now available at ONRope1

    I have the single and double with the H Harness. Bought the double from here in 2002 before my redwood climb. Still use it for my SRT Today!
  10. allmark

    Crane accident...

    If the crane operator requires competent and experienced personnel.........Qualified riggers and signal person per his contract, but fails to verify that, I would think that makes them negligent as well.
  11. allmark

    Attention Grapple Saw Truck Owners

    I would contact them. They are good people and know there stuff.
  12. allmark

    Standing Pieces Up

    I think it is a vlid technique in the right situation. Used to do it all the time years ago but prefer to balance most of the time now. I still stand some up though when it seems the best option at the time.
  13. allmark

    Interested in hearing from the crane experts around here...

    When you refer to snap cut do you differentiate that from a bypass cut. I use these regularly and no shock loading. Knowledge of species is important though.
  14. allmark

    Interested in hearing from the crane experts around here...

    This is why there are jibs and extensions for cranes. If that isn't enough rig it into the tree and then pick it out. At 21:12 he cut vertically toward his lifelines. They are picking in the air at 85% of capacity(4800# piece at 5600# capacity). Z133 states 75% as these are critical lifts...
  15. allmark

    Crane slings

    Tied Knots reduce the breaking strength of any rope. I made 1/2 inch slings from am steel Blue and broke test them (with no lock stitching on the splice. The rope broke at the knot just above 15,000# much less than the breaking strength. but with a 5 to 1 safety factor I rated them at 3,000#...
  16. allmark

    Crane slings

    Can you clarify what you are considering "Chokers" I understand this is a common term that comes from the manner in which a sling is attached but what slings are you using? Thank you.
  17. allmark

    Shorted on rope

    Yes it did
  18. allmark

    Any feedback on the Altec knuckle boom ?

    Altec has cranes there
  19. allmark

    K-Boom with fixed rotating grapple?

    That looked very inefficient the way it was used. The problem I see is potential stress on boom if not properly designed and no saw guard which leads me to believe it is adapted.If you look at 2:15the jib extension cylinders were overloaded (causing the boom section to pull out) by retracting...
  20. allmark

    Crane accident...

    They would also need to be rated for lifting. but definitely time consuming
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