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    Back pain from saddle?

    Anyone ever experience back pain that comes from a poorly adjusted saddle, or one that is just not right for you?
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    Comfort Backpad on Treemotion S. Light

    Anyone tried putting the comfort backpad on the super light Treemotion? Does it make a huge difference? It kind of looks like it might be too wide to fit the saddle well.
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    Salewa boots

    Where do you get your Crows? I'm having a hard time finding them in my size online. Also, do they fit pretty true to size? The last 2 pairs of boots I bought in 9.5's made me think I should move up to a 10.
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    Extracting Core from 24 Strand Double Braid Climbing Line

    Just getting into splicing and working on putting a tight eye on Samson Velocity, and I cannot for the life of me get the hang of extracting the core from the jacket. I've tried a marlin spike, sweedish fid, and wire fid. Any tips/tricks I am missing?
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    New (to me) saws

    The company I work for just bought a truck, and the seller threw in a few saws with it. Among those saws are a Husqvarna Rancher 450 with a 20" bar and safety chain, and a 372 with a 32" bar (I think). Having never used the 450 before, I liked the saw at first, but less and less the more I use...
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    Whipping both ends of climbing line?

    I've got 200' of Yale 11mm Kernmaster with no splices. A few inches of core milked out of both ends as soon as I started using it, but now it seems to have "settled". I'd like to whip both ends, but I'm not sure if that would make the core more inclined to bunch up somewhere in the jacket, or...
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    Kernmaster vs. Dragonfly

    Climbed on dragonfly at my last job for a minute and loved it. Mostly SRS, MRS now and then. Now I'm on Yale Kernmaster (which seems to be a not-as-good dragonfly). I find it very good dor SRS, and okay for MRS, but I find I don't like having to grip it MRS, the thin diameter fatigues my...
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    TreeMotion Evo D's

    Shot in the dark, but does anyone know if it's possible to get just the lower D-rings that go with the EVO? I'd like to put them on my S.light if possible. I would love to have a second bridge without having to tie it on to my D rings because use my lower D's almost exclusively.
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    Beginner Splicer help

    Cool. I'll be making a wire fid at some point then. Thanks, dudes. When you guys are splicing, how closely do you follow the manufacturer's instructions? I'm assuming you can only deviate so far, if you're going to at all, but for example, if you cut more strands during a taper than the...
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    Beginner Splicer help

    It's an 11mm fid, but I couldn't help feeling like it was thicker than it should have been for this rope.
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    Beginner Splicer help

    Working on my first splice, I have a hank of Samson Velocity that is brand new, so I figured I'd try a tight eye on it. I've gotten to the point where I need to burry the core back into the rope (step 6 in Samson's instructions), and my fid just doesn't seem to want to go through anymore...
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    Stihl "C" problems

    We have a 201TC that will not idle once it warms up. We also have a 201T that has no idling issues.
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    Yale Imori review?

    Anyone have any experience with Imori? I've heard people say it's bouncier than Ivy, but I'm curious how much more elasticity it has. Any other ropes you would compare it to, elasticity wise? And is it noticably easier to grip than other ropes of its size?
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    Salewa boots

    They seem popular for pruning. Anyone have any experience with them in spikes?
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    Forestry Pro?

    Right on. Any other lines you could compare its elasticity to?
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    Forestry Pro?

    Has anyone used the 1/2" rigging line that Forestry Pro makes for lowering? Any opinions on it?
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    Notch vs. Distel?

    So how long has Notch been making Geckos? Anyone concerned for the quality of those spurs going forward or anything? It seems like the Rope Runner Pro has made people start to think differently about Notch. Think it will last?
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    Yale Kernmantle Ropes

    Does anyone know if Yale's Kernmaster Safari is the same rope just a different color of their Kernmaster (comes in blue and orange)?
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    New Buckingham Spurs?

    Anyone have a chance to try these out and have an opinion on them?
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    Rope Grab recommendation?

    I should note I'm looking for something that works with ropes 11 to 11.7 mm.
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