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  1. Chris Schultz

    F.S. Study Guide- Certified Arborist SOLD

    This is not the ISA published study guide****. It is published by Mometrix. I picked this up to have another arrow in my quiver. I used it in conjunction with the ISA book. It is layed out in a user friendly way, and has some very helpful test taking strategies/practices, as well as relevant...
  2. Chris Schultz

    On Saddle Blood Stopper Pouch

    The pouch that my blood stopper/trauma kit lives in is shit.... it attaches with one tiny little hasp. The problem is the Velcro that holds the flap closed is so stout it would be impossible to open it one handed in a emergency with it flopping around like a fish out of water. I’ve lived with...
  3. Chris Schultz

    Certified Arb Exam

    Tuesday morning I’ll be going to take my exam. It seems there is a lot of sentiment that ISA is just a money grab, and they make the test easy to get more money from more members.... I get it, I get it..... but I want to be prepared as much as I can be. I’ve been studying with the online ISA...
  4. Chris Schultz

    Spider leg length (?)

    I’ve got a 30’ piece of 3/8” tenex I picked up for a spider leg. I intend on cow hitch or running bow, coupled with taughtline hitch onto primary rigging line. Before I cut mine I’m curious about how long are peoples spider legs for limb balancing? I rarely have a need to deploy this, but I...
  5. Chris Schultz

    WTB RopeJack

    Title says it..... seems like many have em, but don’t deploy them enough to keep em around.... if your one of those people I’d like to help you consolidate your gear!! $$$
  6. Chris Schultz

    3:1 pretension on porta wrap (?s)

    Has any body set up 3:1 on porta wrap for pretensioning a load? How well did it work? What hardware did you use? Im rarely on the ground running ropes, my groundie is strong for his size, but sometimes I think he struggles to get real good pretension on a load. Is it worth setting up gear for...
  7. Chris Schultz

    461 brake actuation

    I’ve got a new 461, less than a dozen tanks of fuel through it, and goddam it’s hard set the brake on this saw. I do not like having to actuate the brake with my palm, and it’s almost painful to do with the topside of my hand.... any ideas/suggestions. Thanks in andvance.
  8. Chris Schultz

    Carbon Fiber in Low temps ?

    Treated myself to some carbon fiber geckos awhile back. The owners manual/guide mentioned risks of breaking at temps below freezing.... I was not anticipating so much climbing this winter, but work is busy, and now I am paranoid after reading the manual. Does anyone use their carbon fiber...
  9. Chris Schultz

    200t tune

    I recently bought a 200t sight unseen, turned out it needed a new top end/piston and exhaust, kinda frustrating but no less got the motor rebuilt (not by me, a STIHL mechanic in South Dakota). Got it back, and it needed a little carb adjustment for my elevation (8k-10k ft.) and I notice the carb...
  10. Chris Schultz

    Like New Opsal (Cadillac) Pads FS SOLD

    Have a pair of Opsal pads on buckingham tree gaffs. These are like new only 5-6 small take downs on them. Open to trades or $150 buyer pays shipping.
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