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  1. surveyor

    red cedar tree fungus

    My sister is concerned about this red cedar at moms house, and hopes for your suggestions as to how to treat?
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    Brodie system

  3. surveyor

    worldwide radio stations
  4. surveyor

    New engine design

    This engine may have application in chainsaws. The mini engine in the link stands about as tall as a cell phone. It is not a Wankel engine.
  5. surveyor

    Marvelous Trees

    Woke up this morning and looked out the window to see the intertwined tree branches against the brightening sky, and began to consider the marvel of trees. The Bible states that the tree were made to be pleasant to see, and good for a food source. In addition, trees sequester our very...
  6. surveyor

    petroglyphs in Colombia

    This cliff face with the ancient images was actually "found" several years ago just about 100 miles south of where I lived in Colombia for 7 years, and lies just within the amazonian watershed. To the north of this site the Ariari river flows to the Orinoco.
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    The RIG

  9. surveyor

    Nard Pugyao

    Nard's ancestors were cannibalistic, and here he tells his story. He is/was a talented pilot with both a STOL aircraft and a helicopter, and I flew with him in both (as a passenger) in the Philippines while spending a month there doing a survey. The "international" airstrip he talks of was on...
  10. surveyor

    Three bar rack like the Scarab
  11. surveyor

    Tree stump removal machine.

    sorry can't seem to link the imgur video, but it is a tractor mounted hydraulic gripper that pulls about a 16" stump up, roots and all.
  12. surveyor

    Re-building the Tally Ho

    My wife got me hooked on this channel.
  13. surveyor

    In the Arms of God

    Tom Smoak was a pilot that worked with my dad in Colombia, and so I have heard his first person testimony. Tom is writing/written? a book which is due out soon according to his son. I know from Tom's testimony that he briefly regained consciousness as he was plummeting earthward, and on the...
  14. surveyor

    Crossing the Atlantic

    I have been following this couple from the start of their youtube channel.
  15. surveyor

    WTB used Enforcer Load Cell

    Does anyone have a used Enforcer Load Cell they would be willing to part with? Or perhaps trade for Bulldog Bones? Thank you. Gordon
  16. surveyor

    Interesting article on frictional losses with pulley systems
  17. surveyor

    Bullring rigging device idea

  18. surveyor

    Found this on arbtalk

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