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  1. treeandland

    Bandit 15xp running rough....

    A week ago we noticed some small backfire noises while the chipper was at high idle. I added dry gas and changed the fuel filter but it hasn't improved the situation. It's a 2019 with a 5.7L GM gas engine. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm going to post a video so you can hear what it was...
  2. treeandland

    Bandit 15xp starter making a grinding sound

    My 2019 Bandit 15xp has never done this before, but this morning instead of firing right up as usual, made a grinding and free spinning sound. It was a cold morning. We tapped on the starter and eventually it did turn over...but the problem re-occured later in the day. All wires seem tight. Does...
  3. treeandland

    Southern Maine Rec Climb

    I'm looking to get out and climb to improve my SRT skills this winter. If any climbers in my region would like to join for a day of climbing on a Saturday or Sunday, let me know!
  4. treeandland

    How to grease this wheel?

    It’s time to grease my Bandit 15xp wheel bearings, but how do you put a grease gun on this? It’s just a pin hole.
  5. treeandland

    ISO firm climb line for DRT climbing

    I recently bought “Imori” climbing line. I like the soft feel it has, but it’s a lot more work to advance my hitch with the micro pulley. I find myself continuing to use my aging Arrow Frog line by Yale, because it’s firmness helps the hitch advance smoothly. Any suggestions for a firm...
  6. treeandland

    Wanted: chip truck, under CDL, diesel 4x4.

    Hi Treebuzz folks, I'm in need of a chip truck, probably a 1.5 ton. I'm in Maine, but would consider trucks on the east coast or Midwest. I'm most interested in years 2004 through 2010. I prefer diesel and 4x4.
  7. treeandland

    Who works in the Bristol, CT area?

    I'm an arborist in Maine, but I have family in CT who need to find a tree service. Could anyone recommend a tree service that goes to Terryville? Thanks.
  8. treeandland

    Looking for a rigging line. Low stretch, solid braid or double. 1/2"D, 200 ft or longer.

    I use a Portable Winch quite a bit, and it is a punishing job for a rope. I'd hate to buy new, only to beat the rope up in the first month of use. Looking for 200' or more, low stretch line, 1/2" diameter or less. I've used Samson Arbormaster 1/2 climbing line and it works, but has a bit too...
  9. treeandland

    Here's to working in the snow...a few recent work pics.

    I did two days of climbing recently, to removed deadwood from some red oak trees in my area. Climbing while snow is falling isn't so bad if the wind is calm! Here are some pics from the oak climb, and some pines the week after. In the one taken from the tree, you can see why I'd like a new...
  10. treeandland

    Portable winch line?

    Does anyone else have the Portable Winch? I'm wondering what the best winch line for it might be. I've owned it for just over a year and have gone through two 160' hanks of 12mm double braided line that the Portable Winch company sells for the machine. It's inexpensive, but not very abrasion...
  11. treeandland

    Spring 2014...some work photos

    This limb had to be taken in pieces....cut and chuck. It was over the service line.
  12. treeandland

    Favorite hitch for SRT ascent?

    I used to be happy ascending the single line with a VT with micro pulley as a backup for my foot and handled ascenders. The hitch would glide up the line pretty smoothly on it's own as I climbed. But right now I'm getting way too much friction with this hitch. I tried using a VT with only...

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