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  1. metaspencer

    Old School Rigging

    Came across this while out talking with another tree guy in my town. Anyone one have stories or pics of rigging old school?
  2. metaspencer

    Rope Runner Pro Making a Weird Noise

    My RRP started to chirp on a descent today in the tree ... anyone else had/heard this? Couldn't reproduce the sound later so not sure what to think. Sounded kinda like a roller needed lube, but not sure.
  3. metaspencer

    Pro Bono or Sliding Scale Removals?

    I was reading the recent thread "Most Expensive Tree Removal" with great interest, and it got me thinking: Does anyone else do pro bono (i.e., without charge) tree removals? Or highly discounted removals for low or no income folks? I'd done a few such jobs in the poorer neighborhoods of my...
  4. metaspencer

    4 DIY Port-A-Wraps

    Hi all -- after reading on here in various places about DIY portawraps, I thought I'd try my hand at making a few: small, medium, a hitch-mounted version, and a take on a bollard. Some of the ones I mocked up are better than others and all are a little rough, but I'm posting in the event that...
  5. metaspencer

    Tree Work Estimator

    In an effort to stop bidding half or a third of what a job is worth, I cooked up this treework estimator. I'm guessing y'all have different considerations given the nature of your gigs, but this is what I've been using to bid jobs lately. My quote process goes like this: Start with your base...
  6. metaspencer

    Kickin' it Old School

    Now that's a ladder! Came across this image while looking for a new knee ascender. These guys didn't use no knee ascenders.
  7. metaspencer

    Used Lanyard for Sale on eBay

    For anyone wanting to add a little excitement to their climbs
  8. metaspencer

    Y'All Use a Tree Trolley?

    I've been using a DIY rattle trap tree trolley for a few months now and finally made a better one. It's a basic, low-tech tool for the little guy who wants to save time. Anyone else use one? Or do y'all have fancy grappling gizmos?

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