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    Bench Mount Saw Chain Grinder Opinions

    So we have finally decided to upgrade our ten year old chain sharpener... It’s been a good grinder, but it’s getting old and loose, so it’s a trick to make consistent sharp chains with it. Looking for opinions on what we should buy. Can’t say “money is no object” or we would just spend the $24k...
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    2008 Ford F550 Crew Cab Landscape/Chip Body - $20,000

    This truck is a dream truck for a small landscaper/tree service. The 6.4 Powerstroke Diesel in this Ford F550 has plenty of power to pull anything you want, and the 17,950 GVWR gives you enough capacity to haul just about anything in the bed at the same time! You can put a crew of six in the...
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    Climbing Foreman Wanted in Gap, PA

    What are you looking for in your next position? • Enjoy helping customers with their properties clearing, removing and pruning trees? • Want to lead crews? • Play a part in a growing company where we don’t just value your skills as a skilled tree climber and arborist, but also want you to help...
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    The Loss of a Great Apple

    I happened across this article on CNN just now, and thought it should be shared here. It tells of the history and recent death of the oldest known apple tree, a tree that was believed to be 194 years old.
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    Skid Steer Tires

    It’s tire shopping time again, and I’m looking for opinions. This machine is a Cat 246, a standard rubber tire skid steer, with normal sized tires. We have always run Michelin tires, with the standard R4 tread pattern, but we are thinking of running something less aggressive. Clearly we don’t...
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    Shade Tree Symposium

    Anybody out there going to the ISA’s Shade Tree Symposium in Lancaster on Monday and Tuesday?
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    ¿Donde están todos?

    ¿Donde están todos que prefieren español? Este foro necesita más miembros! Traen tus amigos aquí para platicar con los otros hombres locos que viven arriba en los árboles!
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving! To all of you fellow buzzers out there, have a wonderful day, take some time off to spend with friends and family, eat plenty of turkey, and enjoy an after dinner relaxation!
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    Weeping Maple Crabapple?

    So maybe I’ve lost it, or my brain is working worse than usual, but I cannot seem to identify this tree. The leaves are all pretty chewed up so I got the best pictures I could; any help in naming it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Asking for a friend... In Seaford, DE

    So a good friend/mentor of mine just moved to Seaford, DE. His new house apparently has some trees that are in questionable condition, and some that just need to go. Anyone here work in that area, or have recommendations of a couple reputable companies that he could call?
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    Sena Jog Dial Protector Prototype

    We have become tired of always bumping out with the Sena sets, so we are in the process of prototyping a bump guard for the jog dial to cut down on accidental tap-outs. We’ve had a set in use for several months now and it has worked very well, so now it’s time for some opinions before we start...
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    Route Planning for Quotes

    So for years I have been doing my own route planning when I drive around to look at projects. However, now that I am looking at ten or fifteen a day when I go out, it is getting more difficult to plan a route that is as efficient as possible. I have just tried an iPhone app this week for the...
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    Happy Mother’s Day!

    To all the mothers out there, happy mother’s day! You’ve stood beside us and behind us every day of our lives, and we want to remember you for that. Some of you climb with us, others, like my mother, pray we will quit before we fall out of a tree. But no matter what, you always support us and...
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    Con-Artist Climber?

    It’s hard enough to find climbers these days without being scammed in the process. We “hired” a climber named Richard Ketterman from West Virginia. His story sounded great, a bit sad but believable. We offered him a two week trial and a room in a local boardinghouse for those two weeks and he...
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    Possible Mite Damage?

    So I am far from an expert on insect damage, especially on conifers. I’m thinking this looks like mite damage, but I would like a second (third, fourth, fifth...) opinion as to what this is for sure.
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    Strangest Thing You've Ever Retrieved From a Tree?

    I figure this is about as good a way to introduce myself as any, so hello TreeBuzzers! I have been following this forum for a long time, but only just finally got around to actually joining so that I could contribute my own little bits of knowledge and large doses of opinion instead of just...
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    A Groundperson Shocked Today Near Philadelphia

    I don’t know any details, except what is in the news article. From the video, it appears that this happened to Colonial Tree Service, a sizable company based outside of Philadelphia, PA.
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    Skilled or Entry-level Climber Wanted - Gap, PA

    This is a job that is not for the fainthearted. We are looking for a climber to join our rapidly growing small tree service, a climber who is interested in not only a paycheck, but a career. The ideal candidate will have experience in all phases of tree work, but we are willing to work with a...

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