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    A Perfect Small Job?

    I'm near Huntsville. Got family in pelham. They got hit hard in the last tornado fown there but all made it.
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    A Perfect Small Job?

    I would have a hard time not replying, "ok. No problem. 1 hour minimum @$500 per hour." Btw are you in Hoover, Al?
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    Silky pole saw replacement

    The notch carbon fiber one is awesome to use and the telescope work well as long as they are adjusted correctly. They are a bit delicate but I'll take that trade off for them being light. I liked the first one i got so much i bought a second one. I literally used one all day today. I used to be...
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    Customer wants solution to his pile of wood problem

    Might help to mention where you are located. There's a grapple truck in our area that will haul off tree debris. Might be something like that in your area.
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    Best Ladder for Tree Work?

    They say timing is everything.....
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    Should i buy a used sk650?

    Buy it. You can always upgrade later. We still use our sk650 even though we bought an sk850. We used our for years. Newer ones are nicer but any mini is better than no mini. The sk650 is no slouch and will move lots of wood with a bmg.
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    Span Rigging moving anchor choices

    We have tried a lot of different stuff span rigging. So far omniblocks are our favorites.
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    Dash cams

    I have been thinking about putting dash cams in our work trucks. Do any of you guys run dash cams? Seems like it would be a good idea if one of our employees ever gets in a wreck. What do you guys use and how well does it work?
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    Daily rate freelance

    While its nice to look at other trades, they really don't have any bearing on the tree work market. In the car dealer example, they have usually at least several million in location and equipment. It's not unusual for them to be carrying a huge insurance policy that makes most of our tree...
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    Trailer purchase

    Any trailer over 15,000 lb gvwr behind your truck is a class a cdl.
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    Trailer purchase

    Whats the gvwr on your f350?
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    Subcontract tree crew...thoughts

    I think this would be very local dependant. Here for instance, we have a guy with a large triple axle grapple truck that hauls both brush and logs for tree services. He used to have his own tree service but the hauling has taken over for him. Now hauling for others is all he does. He stays...
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    Trailer purchase

    What truck are you towing with? Do you have a class A cdl?
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    Grapple: "log" or "brush" style?

    Mine tore up as well. Several other people's I work with have as well. Building a heavy duty one is on my to do list.
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    Cribbing on a slope

    Also make sure like the picture reach posted, put the downhill piece tall enough that the outrigger pad slopes up on the downhill side. Keeps things from unexpectedly sliding and if it should sink some you are still ok. I used 5x5 lumber and 2.5x5 to crib with. Its nice because it all stacks...
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    Bandit 15XPC Reviews and Opinions Worth The Purchase?

    A very good friend bought a 15 XP about two years ago with the 120hp cat. So far, it has been 100% problem free. They use it daily but I dont know how much time is on it. My 990xp used to belong to him. I like the 990xp a lot but the 15xp is impressive.
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    Branch Manager Grapple.

    It also helps if you don't clamp the bmg all the way open or all the way closed. We always shut the machine off and bleed the pressure down before disconnecting.
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    Grapple: "log" or "brush" style?

    Ill second, forks. Got to have forks. I didnt realize how handy they would be until after I bought them. Also great for matting into a yard.
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    Branch Manager Grapple.

    I still do that anyway. A new rod was around $120 and a seal kit was $50. It happened once in years of doing tree work with it. I think its way worse if you are curled down almost all the way.
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    Branch Manager Grapple.

    Ive had this happen as well. Got to be careful running into stuff with the end of the grapple as well.

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