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  1. TreeVB

    Employee Safety Manual/Employee Handbook

    I am finally going to be hiring a couple of employees and need to create a safety manual for workers comp. as well as an employee handbook to keep things flowing. Would anyone mind sharing theirs so I have an example of what to include, or know any good links for quality examples?
  2. TreeVB

    Long Shot - Boise, Id

    Not your standard posting and I’m aware of this. However, we, along with so many others here, are in a bad way and in need of employees. Looking for a well rounded climber with a great attitude. Unfortunately our housing market is horrible with nothing available so I can’t even sit here and try...
  3. TreeVB

    Critter Stories

    Anyone have any funny, sad, or frustrating stories of run-ins while climbing? Yesterday I was removing two flowering pear trees and when I got in the second tree there was a squirrel really standing it’s ground in a second leader near my TIP. I tried poking him with a limb and shook the limb to...
  4. TreeVB

    State Licensing (mine is pathetic/non existent). Ideas?

    Looking for ideas of what works and doesn’t work for those who have state licenses, or some sort of regulation, in order to “practice” arboriculture. My state is pathetic when it comes to this and joe blow, hobo with a chainsaw can get a business license and “cut” trees. I am sick of seeing the...
  5. TreeVB

    ISO Truck/Chipper Combo West Coast(ish)

    Anyone have any of the above for sale? Looking for something under CDL, $50k budget for both and the closer to Boise, Idaho the better. Please let me know if you have anything or know of anything for sale. Thanks!
  6. TreeVB

    Little Rigging

    Nothing spectacular and we don't have any large trees around here. Just some light rigging from a little job last week.
  7. TreeVB

    What Grinds Your Gears?

    Not to be negative but I think it would be fun for a little venting session. What are things on your jobsite that your guys do, the client does, past work you have seen, or contractors on your site do that tend to give you a little blood pressure rise. Only catch is that you have to have a photo...
  8. TreeVB

    Company Hiring in Boise, Idaho

    Posting this for a local company. If anyone has a desire to move here and has the experience to help this guy establish his business it could be a good gig. Owner is a super nice guy but only has 6 months of experience (no climbing). I worked for him for a bit and was always paid my salary, but...
  9. TreeVB

    Yale Scandere

    Anyone know why this rope is always out of stock? Or perhaps a supplier that has some in stock?
  10. TreeVB

    Small Plow Truck

    A friend of mine is selling this locally (Boise, Idaho), so I thought I'd put it out there for anyone who may be interested, especially given the time of year. I know nothing about the truck itself but the owner is known for meticulously maintaining all of his equipment. I can help put you in...
  11. TreeVB

    Cleveland Equip. VS. Spartan Equip.

    We are looking at purchasing a grapple for our mini and am wondering if anyone has dealt with either of these two dealers? Experiences would be great and recommendations for other dealers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. TreeVB


    My boss is looking for one for his Bobcat MT55 miniskid. If anyone is looking to part with one or has a lead on one please let me know. Located in Boise, Idaho but willing to travel around the West Coast and/or have shipped. Thanks!
  13. TreeVB

    When Buying a Business?

    A tree service has come up for sale in my area and we are looking for advice on the right questions to ask/how to go about it. I know the owner and have contract climbed for them in the past. His reason for selling is that he is tired of running it by himself (bids, scheduling, climbing...
  14. TreeVB

    How Many Misses......

    How many misses does it take with your throwline before you start to lose your cool? I was having a hell of a time getting a line set in a medium sized honeylocust today which is where this is coming from. Clients dog is in the house just barking away so frustration built up quick. Usually...
  15. TreeVB

    Looking for a Company in Independence MN

    A gentleman has emailed my company from a Youtube video of mine that he watched. He is looking for someone in his area who can do single leader dominant structure pruning on his autumn blaze maples. He is located in Independence, MN a bit west of Minneapolis. Anyone interested?
  16. TreeVB

    Few Crane Picks

  17. TreeVB

    More Basic Removals

    In this episode.........Just kidding. A little rigging and some "let it fly" on a bit rotty silver poplar. Again, only chainsaw music. Sorry!
  18. TreeVB

    All Conifer Removals

    Some basic footage of some contract climbing in N. Idaho back in October. Pine tree removals get pretty repetitive/boring in my opinion but hopefully someone can appreciate this. Also, Im not a tech buff so there is no music, just the sweet, sweet music of lovely chainsaws! P.S. yes there is a...
  19. TreeVB

    For hire 8-10 hr. Drve Radius from Boise

    Hey all, I have a small business in Boise and contract climb as well. A bit slow right now and so Im putting this out there. If anyone in driving distance needs an extra climber/set of hands for 1-2 week projects, I could easily make that happen. Im insured with all climbing, rigging gear and...

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