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  1. Jemco

    Pneumatic Rope Terminations

    Somethin's been bouncin in my brain a few years now, and watchin an old vid of me workin pneumatic loppers n chainsaws, lit the ember again. I want you to visualize a half inch bodyline, with two tiny 1/8 inch pneumatic lines at its center, and coiled or spiraled in a fashion that insures they...
  2. Jemco

    Structurally Compromised Leaders

    Having removed so many trees of varying species, particularly very old trees, I've seen quite a few instances of structurally compromised leaders with longitudinal fractures, not actually repairing themselves, but engulfing the fractured spot over time with callous growth n sealing things up...
  3. Jemco

    The Old One's

    And their tools. I started climbin, commercially anyway, prunin palms, mostly fans n dates, here in SoCal in 1973. A total rank 14 year old rookie, that spent almost ten years prunin n removin palms exclusively. My heroes n mentors in those days were some incredibly tough old men, that were...
  4. Jemco

    The Invention Barn

    Most folks don't live their lives carrying around 40-50 inventions cluttering their minds, but that's what happens if yu live long enough. For me it started at an early age, and continues to this day. The latest came about by crashing my unicycle doing my daily ride around the block. I've...
  5. Jemco

    Music To Chill BY

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