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  1. allmark

    Pacar motor

    Does anybody have experience with these someone told me to stay away from this motor in a Peterbilt
  2. allmark

    Outa rope

    This weekend I competed at Legends. I purchased a brand new rope with a spliced eye. 150' The very first climb I made on the rope was in one of the work climbs with a 62' TIP Rang the last bell and headed for the target when 4' above the ground my hitch came to a stop at my stopper knot 12" from...
  3. allmark

    PPE fo crane

    So am I wrong or should a crane operator wear a hard hat(not in a cab) I have seen posts elsewhere by several training organizations of operators taking a test on boom trucks and kbooms with no PPE. Isn’t that where the education begins. No PPE = no certification IMHO. What are your thoughts.
  4. allmark


    I could have spoke a little better and definitely would have liked some more time Overall I think it was a positive message
  5. allmark

    Struck by

    i did this last Sunday at my fathers. I was taking atop out of a white pine. I lifted the piece a few feet then climbed to stand on the cut to be more comfortable and see better while I moved it 180 to where I was setting it. There was a branch which was rubbing on the top that stayed. When...
  6. allmark

    Health and Safety Plan

    Who has one? I need to write one up and am looking for some kind of template so I am not recreating the whole wheel....maybey just change some spokes;)
  7. allmark

    Vermeer 1500

    Who has experience with these chippers are there any problems to know about with them
  8. allmark

    Need somebody for a cat rescue

    Here is a number and all the information I have I think it is near Buffalo New York if somebody could call and help her that would be great
  9. allmark

    New hire

    i am looking to add to my official new hire process and improve it. What procedure do you have for a new employee
  10. allmark

    Hiring all positions

    Allmark Services is currently hiring for all positions. Pay based on position, experience, and qualifications. We offer health insurance and retirement benefits. Paid vacation and continuing education.
  11. allmark

    Tree worker dead

    A local guy I have done some crane work for died last week. He was using his bucket to do work for a local municipality. His lower boom failed and he came out of the bucket hitting tree branches as he fell to the ground. The report said he had traumatic injuries to his head and body and went...
  12. allmark

    New York State Tree comp

    And the winner is Brian Krawzyk second place Lawrence Schultz (only .3 point behind) and 3rd at his second comp ever with excellent climbs for all the above.
  13. allmark

    How to start a saw safely

    A friend of mine bought a Homelite homeowner saw. It was dolls so I sharpen it for them. When I went to start it and try it out I saw the directions on how to start the saw. Here is a picture of the directions the second step is to disengage the chain break
  14. allmark


    I'm looking for a device called the hand they don't make them anymore if anybody has one and is willing to part with it let me know. It was made by Wild Country
  15. allmark

    Apple scab

    Anyone have an organic treatment with good results?
  16. allmark

    What is this

    Anyone know what this is
  17. allmark

    Kboom with Race Mountain Tree

    Here are some shots from today's trees
  18. allmark

    My accident

    So Ive been thinking about what happened and Im really disappointed in myself about several choices I made botth before and after the incident. I feel it is important to share as hard as it is so someone else doesent repeat them. I was taking an antenna off a roof. I rode up with the crane set...
  19. allmark


    My brother in law lives in Westfield mass. He's looking for wood split or not split. Any one near that area.
  20. allmark

    Made the news

    Here is a quick clip. Only a little bit of the crane but still good coverage. I was only there for the crane work.

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