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  1. AdkEric

    Dropped top handle saw today...

    For what it's worth, the echo 355t is about the same price point and will out cut a 193, at least in my experience. Better warranty to boot. I like my 355t with a 14" bar, doesn't quite have the guts as a 201 or t540 when it comes to pulling a 16".
  2. AdkEric

    Trade / Sell : MCRS, kleins w/ caddy pads

    The valiant is Matt Cornell's newest development.
  3. AdkEric

    Unconventional climbing clothes

    I came across these pants by Noble Outfitters at my local farm store. About $30. Canvas that stretches just enough, gusseted crotch. I've got about 1 month on them now, and I love em for both climbing and groundwork. They are so far plenty durable and seem to breath well on the humid days we've...
  4. AdkEric


    While removing this rotting and hollow leader that's top had previously broken out of, we encountered a racoon family. 5 kits and a mother. Our guy in the bucket was able to get all the kits out and lowered to the ground, but mom wasn't having it. We ended up cutting it further down, below the...
  5. AdkEric

    River Birch

    That is good to know, thank you.
  6. AdkEric

    Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

    It certainly wasn't bad, better than a lot of bourbons at that price point. I prefer the Madeira to the XO, smoother IMO. Sherry is next on my list.
  7. AdkEric

    Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

    Very nice. I have yet to try the sherry and the reserve.
  8. AdkEric

    River Birch

    It has hinged well in my experience, live trees anyway. I don't believe I've cut dead river birch.
  9. AdkEric


    All was going well today despite the continuous rain showers until ... My clapped out La Sportivas finally had enough. Didn't have duct tape with us, but some electrical tape held until lunch, when the nice folks at the deli we ate at hooked me up. Came home to find these new Hoffman Classics...
  10. AdkEric

    getting used to climbing with spurrs

    I agree the treemagineers have contributed to this industry in a huge way. I don't want to speak for anyone else, but I would wager that the member you quoted above in post #37 would agree with that sentiment as well, though he may disagree with some points of their spur climbing tutorial. Most...
  11. AdkEric

    getting used to climbing with spurrs

    Nor will they, should they not heed the advice of veteran climbers with decades of experience on spurs. . What a most excellent ending to your incredibly helpful contribution to this thread; insults! Keep up the good work!
  12. AdkEric

    Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

  13. AdkEric

    This Tree- Hopefully Good Hardwood For Smoking Meats?

    American Beech.
  14. AdkEric

    Coygar Rope bridge

    Half inch 16 strand should do just fine. My harness uses samson arbormaster.
  15. AdkEric

    Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

    Have yet to try the reserve, couldn't find it, or bigger bottles of the other varieties, here in East TN. That being said I've enjoyed Belle Meade thus far.
  16. AdkEric


    Thanks, Enjoy yours as well! Someday I'll move down here
  17. AdkEric


    Arrived in Tennessee for vacation this morning. Relaxing and taking in the view to start it off.
  18. AdkEric

    Looking for insurance/ advice for solo work

    I am assuming you are in Batavia, NY so my response is catered to NY. NYS doesn't require a tree care business to be "licensed." You should however check with your county/local governments to see if they require anything further. I am quite a ways east of you, but all my county required me to...
  19. AdkEric

    Handsaw placement

    Mine rides on a Camp Kilo on the left side of my harness, behind my hip d.
  20. AdkEric

    Beer Beer Beer.

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