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  1. CaPowell

    Older BC1800 Chipper Belt Adjustmenr

    So, I recently purchased a '97 Vermeer BC1800. The belt is squealing on the bigger logs more than I think it should. The belt adjustment seems super easy according to the manual. Upon removing the shield though, I quickly noticed the "scale" was no longer visible. Looks like a sticker has...
  2. CaPowell

    Weak dump hoist help!

    Hello all. I recently purchased a chip truck and finally got to use it today. I've had the bed up and down fifty times working on various things, but today was the first time I tried dumping with a load of chips. It didn't go well! It wouldn't even try going up until we had pulled out almost...
  3. CaPowell

    12" vs 18" chipper

    Hello! I know this topic has been covered a ton, but here is my situation: Up until now, I have just been hauling brush in a dump trailer and I just bought a 2000 F-450 7.3 with a homemade chip box that I am super excited to put to work! I think I got a real deal on it because of California's...
  4. CaPowell

    Wisdom: Share it (tree or other)

    1. The laborer is worth his wages.
  5. CaPowell

    When customers estimate tree size

    I had a returning customer call with an emergency situation. He had a busted water line at a rent house and the plumber blamed his pecan tree and said it had to come out. They could reroute, but the plumber was adamant it would happen again. I think they also needed the tree out of the way...
  6. CaPowell

    Apples growing on orange tree?

    Happy New Year, everyone! I may not be very active in regards to post counts on here, but I have learned so much from this community and truly appreciate all of you guys and have learned so much from all of your tree knowledge. With that being said, I’ll dive right in to my post. What if I...
  7. CaPowell

    On Saw Chains and Life

    The other morning, I was sharpening chainsaws and thinking about the intricacies of life. Great combination, I know. Anyway, have you ever noticed how the first time you sharpen a new chain it is really easy, that is if you haven’t hit a nail or some other odious piece of metal. I consider...
  8. CaPowell

    Random cedar question

    A friend of mine is working on getting a grant to do some research on eastern red cedars. Specifically, harvesting the leaves to extract a certain chemical that is helpful with treating cancer. They will get 1 lb of the chemical for every 200 lbs of leaves. Any idea on the best way to strip...
  9. CaPowell

    Ditch Witch sold to Toro I know some of you guys run some Ditch Witch equipment, so I thought you might be interested. Big news in my neck of the woods...
  10. CaPowell

    Tips and Tricks

    There have been several of these threads through the years. I remember enjoying reading them before and picking up a lot of cool ideas, but I can't seem to find them all. Seems like a good time to start a new one. What are some little tricks that make your work day easier? Climbing, rigging...
  11. CaPowell

    Thoughts on Vermeer S925TX

    Hey, guys. I've been looking for an 800, but my local dealer doesn't have any used ones available. He is going to bring a new 925 for me to demo. Are any of you familiar with this model? It just has the 24.5 horse engine. He said they took the 725 and beefed it up. Any recurring problems...
  12. CaPowell

    What would you charge?

    I know it's extremely hard to tell anything from a picture, but here's a pretty good size catalpa I did today. Pretty good drop zone, but notice the sidewalks around the log. It went a lot quicker than I was expecting and I told the guy I would take a couple hundred off. He said don't worry...
  13. CaPowell

    Hey, now you don't need a stump grinder!

    I'm not sure if this is already floating around the BuzzFlix video thread, but I came across it the other night and thought it was scary/hilarious.
  14. CaPowell

    Help with Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder

    I recently bought a 2007 sc252 and need to replace the pockets to switch over to greenteeth. I thought it would be a quick and easy job, but I can't brake the bolts free. Pneumatic impact wrench won't do it and if I use a cheater bar, the wheel spins. What is the proper way to lock the...
  15. CaPowell

    Cabling advice needed

    I was working for a neighborhood HOA the other day and was asked about cabling a couple of large cottonwoods. My limited cabling experience has always been with limbs or co-dominant leaders, not separate trees. These are two trees with very significant lean and a large hole at the base...
  16. CaPowell

    Help Hiring First Employee

    Hey, guys. I'm a small one man show and have been in business for a little over a year now. I've been sitting at about three weeks out all summer and could really use a helper, at least on the big removals. My big issue is worker's comp. I probably only need seasonal/part-time help right...
  17. CaPowell

    Fun Job and New Equipment for Fledgling Tree Service

    Did I mention I don't have a bucket? Here are some pictures of a black locust I did today. I forgot to take before pictures, but remembered once I got down to the hardest stem. Thankfully, I didn't have to climb it at all. Everything was done from the roof by setting ropes with a throw line...
  18. CaPowell

    Funny (Scary???) Pictures

    I came across these the other day. The first was on craigslist. I guess it's not as bad as I initially thought- I think I can see a climbing line now. At first, I thought he was out there with just a lanyard... The second, I was looking for a picture of cabling and bracing and this popped up...

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