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  1. diogenes

    Broken Jaw From Comealong

    I heard from someone at a company... Felling a tree, pulling with a come along. Tree takes an unexpected path and come along gets slacked. Some poor chap tried to retighten come along while the tree was felling, and while falling the rope rubbed against another tree, which re-tensioned the line...
  2. diogenes

    Can someone recommend a Liability Insurance agent/carrier? California

    I have been trying to get insured for the past month. I left numerous messages to different companies. Only one called me back. Somehow I finally get a call back from a local number ( I never called them, must have gotten forwarded from someone ), they get my info, then send me to a website...
  3. diogenes

    Guy drops chainsaw from 60ft, zero damage???

    I dropped an echo gas powered drill onto a roof while cabling a tree from about 40ft. The drill was sent up to me with a lanyard incorrectly installed. I clipped the lanyard ring on my harness, let go of the drill, and it slipped out because the end loop wasn't around the ring. My bad for not...
  4. diogenes

    Guy drops chainsaw from 60ft, zero damage???

    I have no idea how but this happened today. Climber trainee dropped a chainsaw from 60ft in the woods....landed on his rope bag and bounced into duff. Not one loud sound on impact, just soft bumps. The bar was not bent, no case cracks. The dude then thought I might send him up another saw to...
  5. diogenes

    Any Tracker/Sidekick drivers?

    I have a 2000 tracker!! Manual 4wd...I love the little thing. Currently replacing CV axle and pondering putting on a lift kit and manual locking hubs
  6. diogenes

    Camp’s Swing Adjustable Lanyard

    Recreational ?
  7. diogenes

    falling challenge big tulip through deck

    I always do conventional narrow to launch far so good
  8. diogenes

    falling challenge big tulip through deck

    I'd love to see it jump off the deck, but....I have to go with everyone else and say that is not the best decision for this tree. You know the right way this should be done. If you have to make compromises due to physical ability, laziness, stress for time, etc, something can go wrong. You know...
  9. diogenes

    Splice a second bridge onto lower d's?

    That is different than having a ring, or something, constantly rubbing back and forth over the splice
  10. diogenes

    Splice a second bridge onto lower d's?

    Knots or sewn eyes for bridge.
  11. diogenes

    2019 TCC Chron List / Dates

    Western Chapter ISA Tree Climbing Championship Rocklin California on June 8 and 9, 2019
  12. diogenes

    New Caritool version?

    Lol yeah what climbstihl said, doesn't get caught but also the base of the gate can't spread apart and pop out of the plastic holes/hinges
  13. diogenes

    Tree With Power Line (Picture)

    I saw someone hit a house drop with their hand saw after going through a branch. Some zapped saw teeth and soiled underpants were all that happened. I also know of someone who hit a phone line with a small branch and it shorted something out at the gutter / electric drop which led to smoke ...
  14. diogenes

    New Caritool version?

    After having the gate get ripped off lots of small caritools I decided to wrap tape around the gate, much like the yellow thing on the new version, and never had a problem since! This new version probably helps in the same way.
  15. diogenes

    Tree With Power Line (Picture)

    Don't touch the lines. If your ropes are rubbing the lines, reposition so they are clear. Don't let ANY branches/wood land on the lines. If you reach a point where you think it is unavoidable to touch or drop pieces on the lines then stop, think, and possibly walk away from the job.
  16. diogenes

    Hitch Hiker

    Has anybody else tried sterling flex 8mm? I've had great results with many ropes, using 4 or 5 wrap HH hitch.
  17. diogenes

    Pruning Queen Palms

    Take a length of rope and on one end make a loop for girth hitching around the trunk. On the other end tie a double loop figure 8 / bunny ears or whatever to get 2 loops. You can then have both feet in the loops around the trunk. Something like the posted video here
  18. diogenes

    Nasty Plant in Virginia Causes Severe Burns

    I got burned by something in california, probably the cow parsnip. Back of hands and forehead had what looked like spotty chemical burns
  19. diogenes

    Building teams in tree work

    If the person is skilled, sure they might not need the level of attention someone else would and might have an alternate, yet equally effective method than what you had in mind to complete a task. But, if they are unskilled, how else are they going to learn the right way without direction?

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