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    minimalist lanyard style?

    im using a ab /w ring for a main anchor that I climb on regularly. the im trying to use the end of my rope as a lanyard (trying to use minimal rope currently) and I have a quickie and locking carabiner on a figure 8 bight. so you can cinch the quickie and use as a single rope lanyard or use the...
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    Thoughts? ideas to improve?

    First off, I'm still learning as much as I can, just wanted thoughts on improving my technique and improving safety. I typically use a butterfly with a quickie as an anchor but just go the dmm multi sling that I have been trying out. then I have my steel ring adjustable friction saver on 11mm...
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    New climber, looking for guidance

    Hey Treebuzz, I am a completely self taught climber I have been climbing for almost 10 months and was wanting to get connected with other climbers in the area (NC, right outside of Raleigh) if there is any, and looking for all the help and knowledge I can gain as I continue learning about the...

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