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    Klemheist as SRS hitch

    I feel like I should know the answer to this, but don't. Is there a reason we the klemheist shouldn't be used, as a hitch, if it is configured with a wrench (or another device to add friction)?
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    Removing EAB trees

    Where I am, EAB showed up a couple years ago. We're starting to see it spread, but slowly. I feel like any day it will be seen everywhere. I can read about the signs, etc., but I'm curious what arborists, in the field, think about working with infested trees.
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    Atlantic Braids

    Anyone using any of the Atlantic Braids climbing lines? I'm looking at the Gripflex, but curious if anyone has much to say about any of their climbing lines (bouncy, firm to grip, etc.).
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    Rope walker

    Those of you using a rope walker system for ascent, where do you find the best place to attach the knee ascender above where it is attached to the rope (chest harness, saddle, etc.)?
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    Vertical mulching questions

    I have been starting to research vertical mulching techniques. I was reading about the negative aspect of glazing when using an auger. I am wondering if anyone uses this technique and has come up with a way of avoiding glazing, like using something sharp to score the sides of the holes. I'm...

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