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  1. Marshy

    Tree Austria 3.2 or maybe Weaver Denali?

    I've been looking at all the different saddles and with Black Friday sales I want to take advantage and upgrade. I'm climbing on Weaver 4-D's. I have a simple thought process, if I'm spending more than 400 then I'm just going to get a Monkey Beaver but, I don't really want to drop the extra...
  2. Marshy

    English or Black Walnut?

    I had a guy bring me two logs for milling and we split the lumber. He thought it was Black Walnut but it didnt have the rich dark heart wood you expect from a BW. I was thinking it might be an English Walnut. We dont see too many EW in out area but there is plenty of BW. Bark is more silver and...
  3. Marshy

    Written Contracts - When to use them?

    Hi everyone, new here and new in the business. I've been searching and have only found partial answers so I figured I'd start a discussion. Keep in mind, I'm only a one man band and new at the business. So, I'm wondering when does it makes sense to have a written contract and what specifically...
  4. Marshy


    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and new to climbing. Not new to sawing or falling but recently took the plunge, started a business and got insured for tree service and logging. I do a mix of jobs and typically fit in where people can handle their own material cleanup. From the little bit of...

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