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  1. LordFarkwad

    Echo 355T tuning difficulties...

    I wanted to do a ground-up tune on my 355T that I muffler modded a few days ago, and so I seated the low and high jets, as well as the idle screw (everything clockwise, in other words). I'm assuming that the idle screw being all the way seated means that the butterfly/ is fully shut. Where...
  2. LordFarkwad

    Pinto Pully on SMC Oval Carabiner?

    Does this work? In other words, is the SMC oval symmetrical enough so as to not cause asymmetric loading on the cheek plate attachment points of the Pinto? I wanted to use a Pinto as a light rigging point, and am considering options for how to attach it to a sling (either a spliced eye, a...
  3. LordFarkwad

    Makita XCU08/09 (14"/16") vs. ...?

    Bang for buck, is this the best thing going now (the Makita)? Looking at getting a battery top handle because I - literally almost every day I work - am running into noise concerns. I'd be able to start up to ~2hrs earlier otherwise, which would be really nice. Brushless, 36V, 14"/16" bars...
  4. LordFarkwad

    Milwaukee have plans for top-handle battery saw?

    Does anyone know if there's anything in the works to this end, from Milwaukee? I know that's not typically their cup of tea (chainsaws), but they seem to have a well-respected 18V system, and some of the other mfg's with a like battery system also have top-handle saws. Just wondering.
  5. LordFarkwad

    What is this June bug doing???

    This was outside on the porch. I *think* it's a June bug, first if all, but an open to being corrected. The thing coming out looks like a larvae of some kind. But I thought insects laid eggs. ??? The June bug is alive, but moving very slowly. Going to keep an eye on it and see how this progresses.
  6. LordFarkwad

    SOLD: Rope Runner (excellent cond.)

    ***SOLD*** $250 shipped in the US. Purchased 3rd quarter 2019, new from TreeStuff. Anodizing on friction plate has barely started to show wear. Used for approximately 10 or less climbs.
  7. LordFarkwad

    Sold: 200' Teufelberger Xstatic - barely used

    ***SOLD*** Not my cup of tea. Climbed on less than ~4hrs. Pristine condition. Shipped in the US, USPS Flat Rate box, $175.
  8. LordFarkwad

    Chainsaw chipping?

    Can I turn a pile of deadwood, brush, and random small limbs that have ended up in my yard into mulch-quality chips with a chainsaw? I heard second of people doing this by tying the sticks into tight bundles and going to it with a saw, but I've never seen that done, and don't know exactly how...
  9. LordFarkwad

    Stress concentration in cuts...

    Just thought-experimenting. I'm wondering why hinges don't often break earlier than intended, given the relatively small/flat/narrow volume over which the tension and compression forces act on the wood fibers as the stem hinges over, with the traditional arrangement of back cut and acute-angled...
  10. LordFarkwad

    Driving auger bits?

    What are y'all driving auger bits with in the tree? I'm about to do a swing install, and am ordering a 29"-long 9/16" diameter auger bit from WesSpur (probably), but need a way to drive said bit. Cordless would be nice, but I know that's a lot to ask from a battery. One of my contacts that...
  11. LordFarkwad

    200' Teufelberger Xstatic Climb Line

    Bought 200' of the stuff to try out. Prefer my older climb lines. Getting rid of it. Been climbed on once. Neither end spliced. Condition: been out of the packaging less than 24hrs, like new, still slick, used exactly one time. Price: $220. Would prefer a local seller, so I'm trying to...
  12. LordFarkwad

    Reaming: it actually works! 8O

    Felled a little maple and oak yesterday (20" and 24" dbh, both < 50' tall) before my real job, and part of the work order was to buck up everything < 6" into firewood length rounds. I've been known to occasionally get a bar stuck, it's no secret, so I just wanted to try reaming on the larger...
  13. LordFarkwad

    West Coast Saw Bark Box?

    For the sake of power and the longevity of my saws (661, 362), should I get a couple of these? I was reading (in the marketing materials, so...) that the saws will run cooler and with more power. Sounds like winning all around. Has anyone tried one of these out...
  14. LordFarkwad

    Pfanner Protos Eye Pro Options

    What are my options for eye pro while wearing a Protos? Something to keep sawdust out of my eyes. Does anyone wear separate eye protection with the arms going under the muffs? What is the impact to the hearing protection? How about the solid polycarb (or whatever) face shield? The only...
  15. LordFarkwad

    Retire this Rope Runner? Replace parts?

    I dropped the lowest 12' or so of a ~20" sweet gum on my Rope Runner :( Pretty soft/muddy ground, so no visible or otherwise detectable damage...except the pin on the friction plate that limits the plate's travel was smeared as it pushed partly INto the side plate that it is supposed to...
  16. LordFarkwad

    Cleaning urushiol from life support

    Got poison-oak on gloves, saddle, truck, etc., big-time yesterday. Wondering whether a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol is the way to go about 'disinfecting' everything, specifically life support (saddle). I don't want to put anything on there that's going to degrade the webbing's strength...
  17. LordFarkwad

    SOLD: ISC Stryder, Notch Jet Step, Excellent Condition.

    Stryder/JetStep SOLD 9/30 Update: Price drop. Used over the course of several months - double-digital number of climbs on each of them. In excellent condition. Webbing exhibits very little wear. Bodies of devices have very minor scuffing, if any at all. See pictures below. $80 $70...
  18. LordFarkwad

    Kenny's into Apparel??

    Y'all seen this? Step raht up, getcha beard t-shirts while they're hot!
  19. LordFarkwad

    Breaking mini carabiners on footloop of SAKA mini?

    Anyone having this issue? I've broken two in the past week, suddenly. One of them was the mini 4kN guy that came with it, and another was a Rock Exotica rockX (mini 4kN as well). I'll be running up the rope and find the carabiner is actually bent so that the gate doesn't close, at some point...
  20. LordFarkwad

    For sale: Size 12US Arbortec Scafell Lite Cobalt Chainsaw Boots, Like New

    9/30 Update: Price drop Purchased a pair in size 12 US a few weeks ago. They've been worn four times total: two workdays and twice rec-climbing for a couple hours. Reason for selling: I wear size 12 and, occasionally, size 13 shoes, and with thin socks, the Scafell's fit wonderfully in size...

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