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  1. Cereal_Killer

    T540i XP chain

    What chain are ya'll running on your electric husky? Not seeing a lot of options. .325m "pixie" .043 59drive link. Is there a compatible full chisle / non safety option?
  2. Cereal_Killer

    Bucket saw scabbard

    Do you guys stow your saw on the inside or the outside of your bucket? The old scabbard was all tore up so I kept it inside with me so the saw couldn't fall but the boss man got a new bucket scabbard over Xmas break so that's not a concern anymore. On the subject, if you're gonna a have to...
  3. Cereal_Killer

    Wtb: Shizll rope sliders

    Looking for a shizl rope slider, wanting to find two actually, making new lanyards for my guys. I don't buy shit from treestuff on backorder anymore...
  4. Cereal_Killer

    HH2 w/ extras sold

    Ya'll probably seen me scoop that HHX up, I don't need three hitchhikers... Everything pictured $180 shipped SOLD Hitchcord in order: Marlo, 8mm OP, HRC, 9mm RIT, 9.3mm EPIcord HH2 body & dogbone DMM biner China pully. Used for tending the whole setup by the bridge ring.
  5. Cereal_Killer

    Wtb aluminum biner with brass lock

    Don't necessarily intend for this to be a WTB from an individual just hoping someone can point me towards a brand or vendor to check out. I'm looking for aluminum carabiners with a brass lock sleeve. If you know of more than one I'm after a silver anodized body and raw brass gate but dont want...
  6. Cereal_Killer

    Kevin, a haiku

    Kevin Watkins Twenty seven years experience Still sucks a dick So the backstory, Kevin is the overall foreman at my new company but he's only worked with my crew of 5 guys three days since I've been there. A few weeks ago were 2 men short on a Thursday & Friday so Kevin's with us, I'm up in a...
  7. Cereal_Killer

    200t won't shut off, took handle apart switch seems good, put it back together and there's no contact

    Im getting my old 200T back into running condition, last problem is the kill switch. The yellow wire is good from ground bolt to switch and black wire from switch to coil is all good. I've taken the handle apart numerous times, cleaned it all very well, everything looks in place and while it's...
  8. Cereal_Killer

    SingingRock Timber 3D

    Anyone flying a singingrock timber 3D? There's very little info on the internet at all, a single discussion here, I think @ATH has one. The one English video on YT is a 3min product showcase video from niceguydave where he states he hadn't tried it so not much to learn there. Then there are a...
  9. Cereal_Killer

    Misc stuff [non arborist specific]

    Figured with all the money I've been spending ill list some of the stuff at the back of my gear storage shelf. This stuff is cross posted other places but ya'll got priority. Shipping included in price. 11mm PMI ez-bend, atleast 125' (originally a 46m rope, I cut ~20' off the end).Very light...
  10. Cereal_Killer

    WTB cheap wrench setup

    Edit* Purchased an HH2, still somewhat interested in a [very cheap if you have one you just don't use anymore] wrench, I probably have enough parts all I'd need is the wrench itself and a tether. * ----------------------------------------------------- Looking for either/or, I want to have an...
  11. Cereal_Killer

    CCW while you climb?

    Howdy guys, admittedly this is a rec climbing question but I thought it fit better in climber talk then the rec section... I'm off work and bored so I've been climbing more and I'm also a CCW holder and carry nearly all of the time. Not willing to leave my firearm unattended at the base of a...
  12. Cereal_Killer

    Saluting branches 2019

    Anyone going? Like last year I'll be at the Dayton national cemetery, 99% sure I'll be the only rec climber, probably the ONLY climber at all again. Would love to see past pics or hear stories or hear your plans for this year. This was my big project last year (you can see me making my way...
  13. Cereal_Killer

    My selling on the internet days are probably over.

    Just got FUCKED by paypal. My biggest just-for-fun hobby is building flashlights. Sounds boring yes but I like it. I don't do it as a side business or for extra income or anything, don't usually take commissions but the project was cool and he came to me with his thoughts well organized and a...
  14. Cereal_Killer

    Is this safe?

    I've been thinking about an idea for an easier to use by my 7 year old rope walker system. What I notice with my kids is they have the hardest time with the knee ascender so I was trying to come up with a way to use two foot ascenders at once and if I could somehow secure the rope to the TIP so...
  15. Cereal_Killer

    Wald Disney world hiring experienced arborist

    I know nothing about this and am not connected to them in any way, just got this in an email from a friend (a Disney freak) and moving 1000 miles across country isn't for me so I thought I'd share...
  16. Cereal_Killer

    Petzl hand ascender

    Petzl Ascention right hand ascender. Got it new this winter, realized day one I should of got a left hand ascender but made half a dozen climbs on it before my CMI showed up. $60 or trade for anything interesting...
  17. Cereal_Killer

    Leaners, what's safe?

    I'm gonna ask a general / basic question but feel free to get an indepth as you want with the reply, I'm here to learn. I have a large, multiple-codominate maple tree in my yard I really enjoy climbing more than any other tree on my property, I've even built a good size treehouse platform in...

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