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  1. stheis004

    Sena comms

    We switched to cardo, these were all working when we switched, I honestly don’t remember why we have all the extra parts but they’re included and may or may not be working. There’s electric tape around some wires, I don’t think any were broke/repaired, I think it was just put to protect where...
  2. stheis004

    FS: Rope Runner Pro

    Used lightly, broken in just for you. I find myself still going back to the BDB with its quicker mid-line attachment. While I do really like this tool it's been riding the gear bag too often. I'll post pictures monday if needed, used with some scratches here and there but nothing wrong with it...
  3. stheis004

    Climbing boots - arbpro sizing

    I think I'm going with arbpro evo2's for my next boot (unless someone wants to convince me otherwise). Does anyone know if these run pretty true to size or if I should order a size up or down? Thanks!
  4. stheis004

    Makita Battery Chainsaws - sale pending

    Want to sell this all together, everything is in good working condition, used sparingly since last summer as they just don't fit into the quiver. - Makita XCU06, very lightweight, decent power, great for pruning. As others have said, this is more of competitor to a Silky than your 200, but it...
  5. stheis004

    Any experience with MC Ventures Truck Bodies?

    I've been trying to get quotes for a chip truck build with not much success. I have a quote from MC Ventures in Florida and they so far have seemed pretty good, more responsive than anyone else. Has anyone dealt with them? Thanks!
  6. stheis004

    Wanted to Buy: Bull Dog Bone

    Looking for another bull dog bone. PM me, thanks!
  7. stheis004

    Northern tools log cart

    Has anyone used this log cart and if so, have any feedback? Thanks...
  8. stheis004

    Chip Truck Build Help Please

    We're looking to get a new chip truck to better compliment our two man, tree-mek crew. While our current chip truck has a removable top (southco I believe), we hardly use it as it takes quite a bit of time, effort and space to remove and then remount. We want to be able to load wood quickly...
  9. stheis004

    Arborwear T-Shirts Tech or Transpiration?

    I'll be ordering some new t-shirts, love the quality arborwear offers, they have two models i'm interested, tech & transpiration. I can't find a reason for one over the other, both are priced the same, only difference I can see is that one is 85 polyester/15 cotton, the other is 100 polyester...
  10. stheis004

    FS: Akimbo

    Akimbo for sale, I’m just too comfortable with my bull dog bone and this doesn’t get the use it deserves. Ican post pictures in a few days when back at the shop but you know what it far as condition - a few little scuffs from bouncing around in gear bag but this has not been used much...
  11. stheis004

    WTB: Kong Frog

    Anyone have a kong frog laying around they'd sell? I've got an idea I want to play around with and am not certain enough it will pan out to want to pay for a new one. Thanks!
  12. stheis004

    Debris Predator

    Hey has anyone used the debris predator? Considering one but it seems expensive for what it is. Also, without having had either in my hand, it looks nearly identical to a fiberglass snow pusher thats about 1/3 the cost. Thanks for any insight!
  13. stheis004

    SOLD - Husqvarna T536LI XP

    Very lightly used T536LIXP. Bought new last September. Great saw but selling because it doesn't get used enough to justify keeping it. Includes the heavy duty fast charger and one battery. I will take and post pictures tomorrow.
  14. stheis004

    FS: Petzl Alveo Vent Helmet

    Unused, has a couple of small scuffs from riding around in the truck for a few months. $65 shipped (paypal family & friends)
  15. stheis004


    SOLD, thanks!
  16. stheis004

    Arborwear thermogen sweatshirts

    Does anyone have a review on these? Arborwear products have always been great to me and I’m interested, but the price is pretty steep. I have a Columbia jacket/sweatshirt that looks to be similar material and is decent but maybe this is a whole lot better...
  17. stheis004

    Want to buy: ART Snake anchor

    Would prefer the 16’, send me a message, thanks!
  18. stheis004

    Limb with concrete

    Just was at an estimate where customer who just moved into a house has a 24” silver maple limb that’s pretty horizontal and they want significant weight off of it as it’s growing over their home. Towards the base of the limb that spreads out about 60’ is a cavity that I can see has been filled...
  19. stheis004


    No longer available
  20. stheis004



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