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  1. TonyK

    Flex Tether for the Rope Wrench

    As posted in Moss's thread Ive been mucking around with a flexible tether for the RW. I reckon I have got it. See what you think of the pics and there is some uncut vid of it being trialed on my You Tube Channel . I'll make a vid of the finished product in the tree shortly.
  2. TonyK

    NY volunteer fire fighters killed

    Sincere condolences to the families friends and community of the 2 volunteer firefighters murdered in NY and the 2 and civilian injured. Very sad, the jobs dangerous enough. RIP Link
  3. TonyK

    Violence, gun culture, what can be/should be done.

    Hi folks, I started this thread to discuss and debate the issues presented by the presence and availability of firearms with in communities and general population and to those that lack the stability and mental grounding to know right from wrong good from evil or possess the constitution to...
  4. TonyK

    Splicing Used Tachyon

    Hi folks, I have done some basic splicing all my life (3 strand, hollow braid etc) but now have come to wanting to splice an eye in a length of old climb line to make a lanyard. I have washed the rope and "free'd" the inner core, marked and extracted according to NE instructions but come to a...
  5. TonyK

    Safety concerns in Volunteering.

    Hi all, As a vol with the emergency services in Aus and around the Arboriculture industry I am linked into some job specific stuff from around the world. I am also involved in a program in Aus that is looking at the ways of safely and effectively managing "Spontaneous Emergency Volunteerism" or...

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