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  1. Adkpk


    Third saddle, first TM.
  2. Adkpk


    Huh, boss bought me a new Tree Motion saddle today. Must be doing something right.
  3. Adkpk

    Oceans' Snowy Best

    Spellbound. What kind of tree was that?
  4. Adkpk

    The Baron in the Trees

    Loved that book!
  5. Adkpk

    Another one

    Well done.
  6. Adkpk


    So how long have I been climbing and today came less then 10 feet from being taken out by a maple branch while, WEEDWACKING! A strong wind kicked up, I heard a thump, turned around to see a 5" maple branch lying on the ground 10' from where I had been just weed wacking. It is a live tree but...
  7. Adkpk

    Employee doing pills

    Well, once again, just for knowledge sake. Snorking to me would indicate, amphetamines which could make your driving skills better. But come on, I know, I would so throw the jack ass out of my truck any which way. You can't help attics they must seek help for themselves.
  8. Adkpk

    Employee doing pills

    I would prefer it to a beer. Don't partake myself but did in another life and it's not as cloudy on grass than alcohol. Just to add my experience if you truly wonder oakman. Pills, depends on what pills some are good for driving others really make it impossible to operate machinery of any type.
  9. Adkpk

    Treehumper down and getting back up.

    How'd it go? Man was is hot today.
  10. Adkpk

    Treehumper down and getting back up.

  11. Adkpk

    Employee doing pills

    There is probably a warning on whatever he is doing stating, "do not take while operating machinery". If it falls under these guidelines I'd suggest looking into some other job. You should ask.
  12. Adkpk

    Daniel Murphy

    It's so nice everyone is being so nice.
  13. Adkpk

    Treehumper down and getting back up.

    Nice job Rob.
  14. Adkpk

    Treehumper down and getting back up.

    So did they leave the washers in there? Or there just giving them back?
  15. Adkpk

    Treehumper down and getting back up.

    Think I'll just push you.
  16. Adkpk

    Treehumper down and getting back up.

    I'll... help... you... get to the tree.
  17. Adkpk

    Join date on postings

    I agree we don't want to forget our stone age friends, after all. :sisi:
  18. Adkpk

    Who's a self taught climber?

    I owe my initial climbing advice to the Arboristsite. Moved over here to keep tuned up. But in the meantime have been to numerous rec climbs which really help get me hands on help. Read the recommended books and even came close to becoming certified and still might. Now I have become good...
  19. Adkpk

    What is this thing?

    That's what I thought but ya they still sell them. I use mine to bring a course wheel back to course. My thinking was that the steel from the blades get in the pores of the wheel and the diamond wheel knocks them out making the wheel work more aggressive.

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