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  1. RyanCafferky

    Scary crane operator

    Had some excitement on my job site today. I work almost exclusively as a contract climber for various tree services in and around the Portland area. This was the first time I had worked with this particular company in at least 8 years. Today‘s job was removing a 40” red oak that was over a...
  2. RyanCafferky

    Backordered saws

    Anybody else dealing with long waits for chainsaws? I paid for a 500i back in December and have no idea when I might see it. My small local dealer told me they have over 200 saws backordered. Glad I have a good quiver of saws to get me through for now. Does anyone have a good source for saws?
  3. RyanCafferky

    Additional personnel needed Hood River Oregon

    Western Edge Tree Service in Hood River Oregon is looking for additional personnel. At least one more climber would be ideal. Hood River is a really nice place to live. It is nestled in the Columbia River gorge national scenic area about 60 miles east of Portland. The weather is relatively...
  4. RyanCafferky

    Any 501C3 non profit orgs in our industry?

    As we get to the end of the year I'm looking to make some charitable gifts. What are some of the best non profits in our industry? Do any of them do training and take donations of hardware or equipment? Thanks
  5. RyanCafferky

    ISC Rigging Rope Wrench recommendations

    Curious what rope folks are using with this device and what weights you try to put on to make it so the piece will actually drop. I tried it the other day when rigging a few pieces of a pine and they didn’t drop at all. I had to manually pull the rope to get the piece to go down. I was using...
  6. RyanCafferky

    Preparing for unknowns (accident insurance)

    Here is the backstory: I’ve been in the tree business for 23 years. Currently I do a few different things for work. Some of my work is as a contract climber where I prefer to focus on challenging removals. Some of my work is as a consultant doing different types of safety oversight in...
  7. RyanCafferky

    Greenworks chainsaws

    Did anyone check out the Greenworks booth and chainsaws at TCIA last week? Their 80 volt saw with the large battery was really impressive as far as torque and chain speed. I'd like to give one a try and see how it holds up.
  8. RyanCafferky

    Stihl MS241 (I’m in love)

    Has anyone else tried one of these things? I’ve had this saw for over a year now and it become one of my favorite saws. I use it for limbing on the ground, big topping cuts, bringing down wood in the tree, and cutting small firewood (14” and under). Mine came with an 18” bar which I find to...
  9. RyanCafferky

    I love being “A Well Known Member”

    The title says it all. I get around.... This forum anyway.
  10. RyanCafferky

    ART Package Deal SOLD

    I have some very nice ART stuff for sale. Most of it is new. I love these products but just have duplicates of all of them. ART Lockjack Sport Swivel Used (I’ll throw in a new clutch and friction plate which essentially makes it a brand new device). $320 retail ART Snakeanchor Basal Anchor...
  11. RyanCafferky

    NATS Site Safety (Northern California)

    North American Training Solutions is hiring new team members for our site safety team in California. We are looking for full time help and part time help (1-2 weeks per month). All travel expenses are covered. 10+ years of experience and excellent references are a must. Please fill out the...
  12. RyanCafferky

    Domain Name up for grabs is up for grabs. If you want this domain get in touch before the registration expires on 11/2/18 Thanks
  13. RyanCafferky

    Domain Name is up for grabs. If anyone wants this domain let me know. The registration expires on 11/2/18
  14. RyanCafferky

    NATS Project Manager/Administrator (Auburn, CA) This job would be working directly with me and the NATS team in California. The pay would vary based on skills and experience so...
  15. RyanCafferky

    Gear for sale

    If you are really interested in something PM me your phone number and I’ll text you pictures. Sorry but I’m not going to post pictures of all of this stuff. Shipping will be included with any purchase over $50. New Hitchhiker II $130 (includes instructions and 3 extra prussiks) SOLD New...
  16. RyanCafferky

    NATS TILTT Course Hood River, OR June 7-9

    This course is called TILTT which stands for Tree Industry and Logging Trauma Treatment Training. This course will be lead by Michael (House) Tain and will be held at the off grid farm where I live. It is kind of like a wilderness first responder course geared for our industry. Please look...
  17. RyanCafferky

    Experienced Contract Climber

    Hello- My name is Ryan Cafferky. I’ve been in the industry since 1997. For the last decade I’ve been a contract climber working mostly in the Pacific Northwest. My specialities are end weight reduction pruning, technical removals, and helping companies exceed normal production while also...
  18. RyanCafferky

    Making the transition from contractor to employee

    I’m in the process of trying to decide whether to remain a contract climber or to try and transition to become an employee of a company or municipality. As I get older the appeal of things like workers comp, retirement benefits, paid vacation, and steady work are starting to look really...
  19. RyanCafferky

    Arborist Rigging Systems August 9+10 Hood River Oregon

    MARK BRIDGE, TREEMAGINEERS and NORTH AMERICAN TRAINING SOLUTIONS Arborist Rigging Systems: Research and Practical Use August 9-10, 2017 Arb Farm Hood River, Oregon Based on the research Evaluation of current rigging and dismantling practices used in arboriculture Location: Arb Farm, Hood...
  20. RyanCafferky

    Spiderjack 3

    I have a basically new Spiderjack 3 for sale. I bought it from someone off of here in hopes that I could climb on it but an old thumb injury makes it too painful for me to use it. As with all ART devices it is beautiful and very functional. I don't have the box but I have all wrenches...

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