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  1. CanadianStan

    How does this happen

    Fascinating to watch ... Im wondering if the canopy was super limb tied, or if there's some ridiculous crazy Dutchman / Swanson / Danielation notch in there
  2. CanadianStan

    Cheeky rec climb in Aus

    A couple of buddies and I headed up a nice 75 metre Karri tree down south from where I live. We climbed up to the top, had a beer (oooooo yep, that's australia), then set a treeverse to an adjacent 60m tree about 30-40m away ... we headed back up this morning and treeversed across a pretty big...
  3. CanadianStan

    [SOLD] New Tribe Onyx - Size 1 - $400

    I'm heading to Australia this Sunday and will not be bringing this harness with me. I'd rather see it go to a nice home instead of sitting in my garage. I previously bought this from Rico who didn't use it either (1 or 2 climbs if I recall correctly). It looks brand new. No wear on the original...
  4. CanadianStan

    Fungi on western red cedar

    So I’m pretty astonished to find fruiting bodies on 2 cedars on the same property green canopies, some butt rot. Any ideas ? Fungi #1: Growing out of root buttress Fungi #2: Growing at bisect between root flare and natural grade
  5. CanadianStan

    Stan's weird tree finds

    I come across new to me trees often and have a lot of fun ID'ing them. I'll post the ones I find here once in a while. Maybe I'll get the ID right, maybe some of you will correct me. I'm in Vancouver, BC. The trees I'm finding are atypical here, and consequently to me. They might be native to...
  6. CanadianStan

    [SOLD] Tree Austria Suspenders / chest harness

    I bought this last weekend on my way to ARC; I installed it on my harness and realized it's too big for me (Short people problems). Grand total of 4 hours of use, during ARC spar pole rescue. Paid $115 for it, looking for $100 USD shipped to Canada or US lower 48. Comes with the three supplied...
  7. CanadianStan

    Enjoying sunrise

    I got to site early this morning ... at a historic fort ... all gates were locked so I couldn't start setting lines. I got 30 minutes of uninterrupted sunrise and it was beautiful to be *forced* to slow down, stop, and appreciate it. Amazing yellow and orange tones
  8. CanadianStan

    Wildlife Habitat Creation references

    Hey guys! As some of you may know, I work as a contract climber part-time ... I've recently been hired to assist on a wildlife habitat creation project. I've come across a few resources but I'm curious if anyone has anything that they can add. I'm looking for specific reference documents /...
  9. CanadianStan


    Here’s a video I first came across when I was in school learning how to be an arborist. I recently revisited it to see a few details of how they were doing shorter and longer traverses. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. I’m thankful that amazing climbers and arborists like these two...
  10. CanadianStan

    Hammocks on sale

    REI has 2 neat hammock systems on sale if anyone is interested. Lighter version: REI Flash Air hammock system with bug net and rainfly included. $100 USD w/ free shipping Roughly 2 lbs REI Quarter Dome hammock system Similar to...
  11. CanadianStan

    Beautiful canopy architecture- Rain Tree, Kanchanaburi

    I’m currently cycling through Thailand and took a detour to go see what is argued by one site as the worlds widest non-clonal tree, a Rain Tree (Albizia Saman) Here’s a few photos I took while there. The canopy is about 190’ in diameter as per Google Earth measurement tool I’m going to dream...
  12. CanadianStan

    Transporting gear - by bike

    Last week I took some gear home on the weekend ; the chainsaw to carve some pieces for a bench and the big yellow bag for a rec climb including harness, 200' blue tongue, and all needed gear for some SRT. (Orange bag has Cloggers) I usually cycle to work (~30km each way) so I decided to have...
  13. CanadianStan

    Old growth climbing in BC

    Just thought I'd share some photos of a recent trip I made with some work friends over on VISAs. I took them out to climb and visit a few of BC's biggest trees
  14. CanadianStan

    BC Rec Climbing

    If anyone has any favourite trees / spots to climb in BC, hit me up! I'm planning on doing a self-supported bike trip, camping the whole way and touring around climbing some amazing trees, hauling all my tree gear in a trailer behind me. Trees like Big Lonely Doug, or amazing maples, arbutus'...
  15. CanadianStan

    Bridge getting caught during footlock

    I've recently been practicing footlocking (Much to my contempt) for an upcoming competition. During my locks, it happens repeatedly that my bridge/ring gets caught between my thighs and almost "holds me down" during my leg extension. Does that happen to anyone else? How did you get around it...
  16. CanadianStan

    Aerial Rescue - Ground-assisted lowering system

    I did an aerial rescue course a while back and I'm going to run a training day with the guys at my company in the coming weeks. One of the systems that I wanted to go over was a ground-assisted lowering system, and I was wondering if anyone had any images / diagrams laying around of this...
  17. CanadianStan

    Beginner to SRTWP - Looking for some advice

    I had the opportunity today to try SRTWP for the first time. I've been using frogwalking for 50+ ft ascents in the past few months, but today I had an opportunity that looked like it suited SRTWP better than DdRTWP. It was a ~90ft tie-in on a conifer on a hill, and we were vista pruning (read...

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