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    re-braided double locked brummel

    What do you guys think about this process and it's strength? I made it out of 3/8ths nerex with dmm rings and chafe sleeve to help with picking. I buried the tails 8" with a taper
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    Just ordered two large x rigging rings from Luke

    So I just ordered 2 large x rings and I'm wanting to make a sling that has an x ring on both sides, one that I can take up with me and wrap it around the stem I will be using as a rigging point, my question is what rope should I make it out of? 3/4" tenex or stable braid? I will be putting a...
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    Local Tree Companies Suck in my area!

    So I have approached a few different local tree companies just asking if they have done any crane work or a lot of bigremovals. The reason I ask is to see how my competitors work as far as rigging and safety goes. Everytime I have mentioned using a crane they look at me like I'm absolutely...
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    New climbline milking

    So I am wondering if I will have issues with a fairly new climbing rope (bluemoon) I spliced a tight eye on it when I first got it then melted and whipped the opposite end. Should this rope be allowed to.milk before whipping and melting the end or will it be ok as is? I've only climbed on it 3...
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    Bull Rigger Bollard

    So I got a new tree lowering unit called the Bull Rigger Bollard, it mounts directly to a tree we with a 4" ratchet strap rated @ 16,500 mbs.. Got a prototype headed to Ontario to Mr. Gibson to do a review on. It's all made from 1/4" steel with a 4.5" bollard. What do you guys think...

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