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  1. RyanCafferky

    GRCS Mistake & Failure (video found online)

    I’ve had my GRCS move a few times but never had one ride up the tree like that. Since I bought the visor plate attachment the rubber feet on the GRCS have lasted way longer and even if you go big, the GRCS is not going to move. Notching the tree makes a huge difference. Especially if the...
  2. RyanCafferky

    Daily rate freelance

    And that is my point exactly. Free market economics determine contract climber rates. Will the market support a higher rate? If the box is checked yes and your relationships with those you are charging not only survive but thrive, then yes, make your money like they are making theirs. A...
  3. RyanCafferky

    Daily rate freelance

    If a job is bid and the client accepts the bid (often after getting other quotes) then it is within the right of the company hired to bill that full amount regardless of how quickly the work is completed. But in the interest of retaining a client long term or perhaps getting more referrals from...
  4. RyanCafferky

    Daily rate freelance

    This has been an interesting conversation to follow. I’ve wanted to chime in for a while but this is a subject that I am a bit hesitant to discuss in a public forum. What I charge has changed considerably since I first started contracting. I think I am billing at the upper end of the spectrum...
  5. RyanCafferky

    angle grinder in kneecap

    Taking the OSHA 511 class opened my eyes to the dangers of grinding wheels. Both handheld grinders and bench grinders injure and kill workers. Wheels coming apart seem to be a frequent cause which makes sense considering the RPMs those things are spinning. Convert that RPM to feet per second...
  6. RyanCafferky

    500i or 661

    I just got my 500i. I was waiting since December. It was well worth the wait. Mine has a 28" lightweight bar which is probably a little short considering the power. After running it a few days I also ordered a 32" bar. For in tree work it is an amazing saw. Similar weight to my MS362C...
  7. RyanCafferky

    Granberg Alaskan Mill - what to start with?

    Since getting a Woodmizer bandsaw I have only used my chainsaw mill once to break down large logs. I will do some very creative work with the bandsaw to avoid using the chainsaw mill. So incredibly easy comparatively. Like others have said, if you are going to do chainsaw milling, get a big...
  8. RyanCafferky

    Husqvarna pre-mixed fuel - why?

    I was fortunate to attend a training at Husqvarna a few years back and part of the training was on fuel. They said 60% of repairs and saw problems are fuel related. Fuel from the gas station is of an unknown age, could be already separating, and unless you are lucky and can find pure gas in...
  9. RyanCafferky

    Service Dogs/Managing Disability

    Portland definitely isn't as bad as the media portrays it, but in a lot of ways it is a much uglier place than I've ever seen it before. That is why I live out in the country and commute to Portland for work. Challenging tree work in a beautiful and diverse urban forest with great tree...
  10. RyanCafferky

    Subcontract tree crew...thoughts

    Having a legitimate operation that only uses subcontractors is hard to pull off. There are many things that subs have to show to prove that they are truly subcontractors and not just misclassified employees. Here is the first place to start...
  11. RyanCafferky

    Scary crane operator

    It is incredibly rare for me to bail on a job and it takes very special circumstances for it to happen. The job that this incident happened took an incredible amount of coordination to pull off so bailing would have essentially taken the job from something profitable to something the company...
  12. RyanCafferky

    Service Dogs/Managing Disability

    Brandon- It seems to me that finding an understanding employer is the most important thing when it comes to special (even if legally required) accommodations are required. Nobody wants to have to battle every employer to get what they need. These days with covid, at a company I work with...
  13. RyanCafferky

    Scary crane operator

    Steve- I'm certain that folks here would appreciate you sharing your experiences here rather than continuing down the mostly on topic rabbit hole...
  14. RyanCafferky

    Vermeer BC900XL vs Manzanita

    The Vermeer 9" is a good machine but an important thing to check when you rent ANY chipper is blade sharpness. Chippers with dull blades (especially small rental machines) can be an absolute nightmare to work with. Blade sharpness and anvil adjustment can make a huge difference between a quick...
  15. RyanCafferky

    Possible HAVS / Hand and Finger Pain

    One thing that was suggested to me was to wear stiff wrist braces while I sleep. It keeps the wrists straight to prevent the tension in the tendons from naturally curling the hands inward while you sleep. I found that the wrist braces were more annoying than the numbness but it did work...
  16. RyanCafferky

    Scary crane operator

    He did what he did last time. He pulled the piece out of the wires. What is the "right" thing to do in this case? It is so hard to walk on jobs like these. As a contractor I book jobs like this weeks out and we had a road closure and the house power was dropped. When there are that many...
  17. RyanCafferky

    Scary crane operator

    Had some excitement on my job site today. I work almost exclusively as a contract climber for various tree services in and around the Portland area. This was the first time I had worked with this particular company in at least 8 years. Today‘s job was removing a 40” red oak that was over a...
  18. RyanCafferky

    Can I clean pine sap by placing rope in a freezer?

    That would just make me hungry all day. Kind of like when I used to run canola oil as bar oil.
  19. RyanCafferky

    Nondisclosure/noncompete employee agreement

    Another thing to be aware of is that if you have someone sign a non compete you might be essentially telling everyone (including the IRS) that you consider that person an employee and not just a contractor. NDA with damages listed is one thing but definitely have an attorney look it over and...
  20. RyanCafferky

    Backordered saws

    Anybody else dealing with long waits for chainsaws? I paid for a 500i back in December and have no idea when I might see it. My small local dealer told me they have over 200 saws backordered. Glad I have a good quiver of saws to get me through for now. Does anyone have a good source for saws?

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