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  1. Mark13y

    ***WTB*** Ms 150 T

    Hey y’all, long time since I been here, hope everyone is doing well! I’m looking to pick up a new or used 150 to replace mine that was stolen a couple months ago. I’m not wanting the 151 bc it seems they take more mods (that I can’t do myself) to get them to the same level as a modded150 that I...
  2. Mark13y

    Petzl zig zag 175

  3. Mark13y

    Treemotion $400

    ***SOLD*** New tree motion I tried it out for one climb, still prefer my sequoia. 400, I'll cover shipping ***SOLD***
  4. Mark13y

    WTB 8mm hitch cord

    I'm looking for like 35' (continuous) of 8mm hitch cord on the cheap Also wanting 2 DMM small swivels, and camp turbo foot ascenders (left and right) I have a lg DMM swivel I'd consider trading unless someone gives me a good use for it, haven't actually used it in a work setting since I bought it
  5. Mark13y

    HAAS 2.0 clip n' go/ RH ascender

    SOLD75 for the haas SOLD35 on the ascender (old blue petzl one)
  6. Mark13y

    Sunday, painesville OH

  7. Mark13y

    A new one in my area...smh

  8. Mark13y


    SOLD...200' Aztec orange 1 ABR hand splice, like new-Maybe 6 climbs on it. $125...SOLD SOLD...120' sterling tendril green, no eyes, like new, a few climbs, slightly fuzzy on one section $65 ...SOLD SOLD...32x32 Arborwear ascender pants, charcoal, good condition, no noticeable blemishes $100...SOLD
  9. Mark13y

    Patching metolius bags?

    So I found a tear in one of my metolius bags, anyone ever patched one? Thinking like a rubber cement might work...any thoughts?
  10. Mark13y

    Silky tsurugi, misc

    WTB: I need 3 blue ultra o's, a silver petzl William tri action, a sugoi scabbard, and 200' of 11mm HTP
  11. Mark13y

    Sterling tri tech?

    Anyone tried wrenching on this stuff? 11mm I think it's lighter than 11mm HTP, and it's really low stretch. Abrasion resistant cover. Seems like it could be good, does anybody have any?
  12. Mark13y


    Big Gear in package...$40 Petzl ecrin roc-used, white, dirty ...$25
  13. Mark13y

    Treestuff's AR class

    Anyone attending this weekend? They have the sign up discounted now ($200)
  14. Mark13y

    Climb right pads and misc.

    Climb right pads new in the box might be missing a couple mounting bolts though $75 Used buckingham "T" pads with straps still in good shape $30 Silky sugoi handle $30 Throwballs $10 Right hand petzl ascender $50 Bridge ring from a buckingham ergovation $5 DMM 6mm thimble $10 Delta link...
  15. Mark13y

    WTB original pantin

    Looking for right foot original petzl pantin, preferably used and cheap
  16. Mark13y

    031 av good or bad? A friend of mine is considering purchasing this for some thinning in his woods and cutting firewood for his house, I'm not familiar with the older saws, anything to look out for or stay away from? Is this a fair price?
  17. Mark13y

    Zig-Zag wear

    Those of you who ran the first generation, what kind of wear life are you seeing out of them, I want to make sure it's gonna last before I buy one of the new ones, the wear points are steel correct?
  18. Mark13y

    Buckingham ergovation $350 obo

    Made the switch to the sequoia a while back and this has been collecting dust for a while, could kinda use the cash at this point, I put brand new leg pads on it to sell, they had some wear to them everything else is still good shape. The only blemish is some fraying on top of the waist on the...
  19. Mark13y

    Arborwear ascender size trade?

    I have a used pair of the grey ascender pants size 32x32, in great shape, no tears or holes or any signs of wear really, I'm looking to trade for 32x34's
  20. Mark13y

    non tree related crane fail in my area looks like they were working off 3 outriggers unless it broke through, and the rear looks shorted, i don't think the flip would have shoved it back in check out the rescue crane-no cribbing...

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