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    Small Company Business Models

    I have had my own business for about a year now and am at the point where I need to make a few big decisions. I spent the last week reading through all the threads I could find on here where people talked about business models they've seen and used, and the biggest thing I've taken away from it...
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    Ropejack Handle

    Yesterday I was using my ropejack in a tree, and I bent the handle in half from pulling too hard and/or at a bad angle... It looks like the cams just bolt on to the handle, but I haven't found anywhere that just sells replacement handles. Does anybody know if replacement handles are available...
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    Looking for a Bandit 90XP or 75

    I've been on the hunt for a bandit 90XP (I'd be happy with a 75XP too) for the past month or so. I'm in Utah and will travel to pick it up, but I haven't found any good machines within 1000 miles. There's a couple brand new 90s in Denver but I am hoping to get a used one. Any ideas where else to...
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    Collegiate Climbing Competition

    I was recently recruited to represent my school in the "arborcultural techniques" event at the National Collegiate Landscape Competition in March. I have never been to one of these competitions, but it includes a test that a teammate and I will each take, and then I will do the climbing event...
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    Another hitch hiker thread

    One of the biggest complaints I hear from people about the hitch hiker is that it's slow untying and retying the stopper knots when switching ropes or going around a redirect or something. Once you get your hitch cord cut to the right length it's really not an issue as far as tying the stopper...
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    Kask Visor and Sap

    I know there have been lot of kask visor threads, but I am still not sure how to get the pitch off the visor without damaging the finish. Good old soap and water hasnt been working, the more I try to get the sap off, the more it smears and the worse it gets. I am about to just give up and try...
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    Anybody else use their ropes and high angle access skills anywhere else other than work? I am going to join a search and rescue team after I get out of college (I hope; for some reason I think I will be less transient and busy) but I dangle from rope just about every where I can. I am going...
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    Got about 70' up the first of three adjacent fir trees I was deadwooding and looked across to see 3 raccoons looking back at me. I don't mess with those buggars so I worked the 2 uninhabited trees and went back the next day to do the third. What do you guys do if going back the next day isn't an...
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    Squirrel damage

    Every time I deadwood a bigleaf maple I wonder if the tree is even worth keeping. The squirrels around here tear off so much bark that there are pockets of rot at almost all the unions and along most of the branches to the point where only about 1/4 of the cross section of the branch is alive...
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    Oak Removal Time Lapse

    Helped my uncle with a big Garry Oak removal this morning. 4 hours of work squeezed into 1:17, it was a blast! Jackson
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    Fun on the river

    I got this wild idea to set up my slackline over the river that's right in my back yard. I had some scaffolding lying around and was going to use that as end points for the slackline, and anchor the scaffolding to trees on the bank. There's kind of an underwater cliff about 7 feet from the bank...
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    In-ground anchor

    Does anyone have any experience, concerns, or thoughts regarding an anchor made from concrete? I want to make an anchor by digging a hole and filling it with about 500 pounds of concrete and setting a piece of hardware in it to use as an anchor for a rope swing I set up in the summer. I know...
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    Biomechanics Week

    Anybody else going? I'm super excited, it's gonna be a blast!
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    Helmet Camera

    I got a contour+2 for my birthday and I'm stoked to use it and show the world how cool I am but am weary of putting a fragile $400 camera on my hardhat that has a tendency to attract branches and things. I know lots of buzzers use helmet cameras, how do you keep them safe while theyre sittin...
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    Pfanner Stretch Airs are water repellent?

    I just got a pair of stretch airs, and was super stoked when I tried them on. Super comfy! and even better was two weekends ago, I wore them on a super wet hike. The water just rolled right off them for the first few hours, but when the hike ended up being much longer than expected, they...
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    CMI Foot Ascender

    So I've got a left foot ascender that works fine; its only about 6 months old, and I use it less than once a week. the only thing is that the kevlar webbing that goes under your foot is 2/3 torn where it attaches to the ascender. I will post some pics tomorrow or monday. hopefully. if I can...
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    Leaving ropes up overnight

    What do you guys think about leaving ropes in a tree over night? I am talking like in your back yard, where you know they will not get stolen or messed with. I have always avoided it, but are there any real reasons why not? Thanks, Jackson
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    Only in West Linn...

    A vacant lot, around 10 acres, of blackberries and brush was cleared last year by the City of West Linn to restore part of the oak savannah that used to be here before this area was developed. The other day I was on a bike ride and decided to cruise through and check things out. They had planted...
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    Reduction on Western Redcedar?

    a homeowner wants this cedar "cleaned up." I think she is concerned it has outgrown its area (which it obviously has), but doesn't want it removed. I can see a problem with the 4 codominant stems in the near future, but otherwise the tree is healthy. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make...
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    Colleges (again :)

    What do y'all think about Cal Poly? I have read the other threads about colleges and dont think I saw cal poly mentioned. Has anybody been there? Thoughts? thanks Jackson

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