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    Looking for insurance/ advice for solo work

    Thank you for the reply. It’s great to have all the knowledge and support from good guys in the trade. I’m located in Ohio and probably should have stated that to start. I’ve researched and believe I’m going to go forward with setting up a llc. I contacted a few insurance agencies and found one...
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    Looking for insurance/ advice for solo work

    I’ve been in the tree industry for around 6 years and climbing for over three years. I have a lot of requests for side work and small projects here and there. I don’t want to fully commit to starting a tree company at the moment because I like the stability I have with my current employer but I...
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    I trust my gear, it’s the wood I worry about....

    Good luck with two little ones. I have two young boys myself. A good resource I found while I was first being trained as a climber was which was created by a climber training his apprentice and has tons of videos covering techniques, tips and raw footage of jobs. On the...
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    Lanyard adjuster

    I have a Petzl Grillion that I am looking to sell. I used it a hand full of times but I just prefer using hitch cord and a micro pulley. It grabs great and releases easy. And can be used on a single leg instead of traditional hip to hip.
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    Buck saddle, pmi rope, Petzl grillion

    More items to be posted soon, but for now I have a buckingham saddle size small manufactured in March of 2018 that has been climbed on lightly until I switched to the treemotion. The saddle is in great shape and has been cared for properly. Looking to get $150. 400+ feet of pmi unicore 11mm...
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    Any recovering addicts here?

    It’s ok to be upset with yourself. We all get down at times. Depression is a bitch but it’s something that shows you can still feel. We all care about you enough to be here for support. You are worth it, I promise. I’ve been in the darkest and scariest of lows, near death and ready for it to...
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    Any recovering addicts here?

    It’s a hard fight but you are definitely not alone. You’re strong enough to admit you have a problem and that means you are already in the right direction again. You can beat the urges. Fighting off a relapse is a intense battle, especially going at it alone, but all of us here I’m certain know...
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