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  1. Adkpk


    Huh, boss bought me a new Tree Motion saddle today. Must be doing something right.
  2. Adkpk


    So how long have I been climbing and today came less then 10 feet from being taken out by a maple branch while, WEEDWACKING! A strong wind kicked up, I heard a thump, turned around to see a 5" maple branch lying on the ground 10' from where I had been just weed wacking. It is a live tree but...
  3. Adkpk

    Who turned the lights on

    What's up with the new forum page art. Like it!
  4. Adkpk


    $50 takes it. Paypal works. Shipping payed.
  5. Adkpk

    Adkpk down but not out

    Fell out of my first tree today. Had a good ride and am fine. A little too fine, me gf is celebrating getting finished with jury duty today so I have had a few. Had a rip out today with a bonafide back up crotch. Hit the ground on my back on a beesnest but no damage. Got back up in the tree...
  6. Adkpk

    lava splice

    I am going to try my first tachyon splice. Just to get off on the right foot is a lava (tachyon) the same as a double braid splice?
  7. Adkpk

    Stopper knot

    Just using an opportunity to put out a stopper knot reminder. After a climb the other day I was walking backwards to get out of the debris field and saw my hitch go limp as I watched my line glide back towards the tree, at the end of the line with no stopper knot. I was using two lines the main...
  8. Adkpk

    Buntline or anchor knot

    I know most climbers use a splice (as recommended) but given the choice of knots to tie to terminate your lifeline onto your saddle what would it be? And don't mind including why you chose the knot or any pics of how nicely it's dressed.
  9. Adkpk

    ring splice

    How are these splices done? I got the brumel but is the second splice a straight bury?
  10. Adkpk


    Can someone try to point me in the direction of iding what I think is willow. The one with the spirally branches. They use them in floral arrangements.
  11. Adkpk

    mushroom id

    This is growing on a red maple. The trunk is hollow and is pretty knarly looking. The mushroom is new this spring. Just wondering what it is?
  12. Adkpk

    warp speed bridge

    What type of splice is used on a warp speed bridge. Not looking to do one just wondering what I am looking at when I do an inspection.
  13. Adkpk

    tree humping

    Treehumper and I did a white pine Tuesday. The weather was great so pics came out pretty good. My first time using a porty on the ground. But something tells me Rob had done a few of these before this one.
  14. Adkpk

    norway maple

    I am working on a norway that has root rot but new roots have grown along side the old roots. Anyone with any experience with this? The tree does have a slight lean towards the large branch I want to completely remove. The trunk and unions are all healthy looking. Could this tree have had a...
  15. Adkpk

    lightning damaged oak?

    I am thinking lightning damage from a long time ago, maybe btw 15 or 20 yrs. But why does the canopy seem to lack. The trunk seems healthy although it is hollow in sections. A sucker seeming to be 15 to 20 yrs which indicated to me when the lighting may have struck. This...
  16. Adkpk

    sapsucker damage

    Looking for the best solution for sapsucker damage on a cypress tree. Wrapping the tree in burlap is feesable and hardware cloth isn't out of the question either but it is a large area with branches included. What has worked for you guys? Also read, to remove whatever in the summer. Do...
  17. Adkpk

    boulder x

    I got a pair of these for pruning. I think there excellent. Great fit, excellent traction both forward and holding back. Supportive and real comfortable. I only had them three weeks so I can't say they've held up but the build seems outstanding. Check out the lacing system if you like snug...
  18. Adkpk

    mini porty

    Being mostly in the trees to prune I don't get to do much rigging. Needing to lower a 4" dead oak branch over a sidewalk, I opted for a "mini porta-wrap". (Thanks, Luke at "Tree Stuff") It was smaller than I expected, which was fine seeing its packs nicely. It proved to be the perfect tool for...
  19. Adkpk

    poplar branch wilt

    This one lower branch on the poplar is wilting. Is this a specific problem with the tree or just showing old age?
  20. Adkpk

    Wheat grass

    Anybody discover wheat grass, yet? I did. Along with green tea I recommend it highly. It's the strongest thing going for energy and general body clean up. Oxygenates the blood. Therefore it keeps cancer risk at a minimum. My brain has never been so clear. It contains all the recommended...
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