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  1. Sgfinco

    I place judgement on you EAB

    Rigging out an EAB infected green ash. Used a ring spliced into some 3 strand as a drifting redirect to move pieces laterally out to the sidewalk since the yard was very congested. I get brushed with some tips at 3:55 or so which was my fault for setting the redirect a little short. It was...
  2. Sgfinco

    Midwestern Tall

    I've gone full tree service.
  3. Sgfinco

    I'm hitting the road

    Getting a jump on this now, I've decided to hit the road contract climbing full time and skip going full tree service for now. I'll be leaving Wisconsin in February more than likely, I'll be traveling with a camper and my dog and looking to start working mainly in the south chasing good weather...
  4. Sgfinco

    Failing black locust

  5. Sgfinco

    Climate Change

    I'm 26, I will see the effects of our current emissions and I think we have an opportunity as a "green" industry to put our heads together and find ways we can contribute to fighting climate change. I tried to work off of a bicycle, the gear is too heavy to transport alone and do enough work to...
  6. Sgfinco

    Dollar bills

  7. Sgfinco

    First order of business

    So I'm 90% contract climber at this point and have been for a little while now and looking to step into equipment next year as I'll have enough tax returns to show growth and high profitability. My question is should I go the standard route and get a chipper and chip truck or my current musing...
  8. Sgfinco

    Defining ass from elbow

  9. Sgfinco


    I recently went on my own as a full time contract climber and love it but my biggest hang up is longevity. I've climb with modern techniques, don't work very hard physically when I climb anymore and have the skill set to handle whatever is thrown at me. I'm 25 now so I figure 10 to 15 good years...
  10. Sgfinco

    Big black walnut

    Removed a previously storm damaged limb, did some tip weight reduction over structures and dead wood. Next year she'll get some cambistat and an inspection.
  11. Sgfinco

    Dead Ash removal Madison, Wisconsin

    Rigging out a dead Ash tree
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