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    2014 or 2019 Perzl Sequoia

    I have an opportunity to get a 2014 Sequoia SRT. Have been screening forums but nowhere have I seen an honest review of the new Sequoia SRT that brings me confidence in laying out the cash for one, especially as I see so many selling them again saying ‘It’s not my style of climbing’. For those...
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    Interesting article with eye opening details on spray drift and effect of volatizarían of herbicides
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    New solid Notch Wrench Tether

    Anyone used this, or have thoughts on it?
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    Anyone tried the Click Geckos?

    Looking at needing new pads for my Geckos and can’t find them cheap anywhere, so looked up new Distel Geckos and they have a new ‘Click’ option. Had a look around other forums and see them mentioned but no reviews - has anyone tried these, or know someone who has?
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    Which accessory biners work with the RRPro?

    But the bullet and got one of these but the shop didnt have an accessory tending biner that fit the tending point so need to order one. They did have a tiny biner but my fat fingers had trouble using it...
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    Anyone used a harness fitted First Aid Kit?

    I have been considering harness layout, and wondering if it is actually worthwhile having the first aid kit stationed on the harness, vs having one on ground, opening up real estate on the harness. Has anyone actually used the first aid kit on their harness, or heard of it being used?
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    Root pruning significant portion root ball

    Has anyone had to prune 40% of one side of a root ball away? (Due to a fence being pushed due to root ball growth). Owner doesn’t want removed. Has anyone had any good experience doing this? Anyone recommend a fungal treatment to apply to a heavily cut root ball? species is Metrosideros...
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    Ultimate toy for the arborist R/C modeller

    Saw this online which was pretty cool...
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    Looking for wrist rocket

    Anyone have a spare wrist rocket?
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    Zigzag: Maintenance failure leads to accident

    Not sure if well known but this was posted in dripline...
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    Harken Power seat

    For the ultimate in lazy ascents...
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    Stihl bar conversion for Echo/Husqvarna

    Pretty good instructional video on converting stihl bars for your Husky/Echo...
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    Square trees?

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    UK. Two ropes at all times Change petition
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    Nitrous oxides release by trees

    Following an earlier thread about nitrous release by lawns: Finns have discovered Nitrous Oxide release by Northern zone trees (esp Spruce) generates in root zone and released through both soil and stem...
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    Tree Sleep Movement study
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    ‘Keeper’ lanyard adjuster

    Saw this on Facebook: Looks like it would be quick to retrieve slack in lanyard. Thoughts?
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    Epic atmospheric processor?

    Found this on internet - be great see how much smog the plan removes:

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