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  1. Stumpsprouts

    Handsaw placement

    I have a very simple question... many years in the making. If you stash your handsaw on your harness, rather than a leg mounted, where do you stash it? Pictures would be nice. (I’m working out the 19th iteration of where to stash)
  2. Stumpsprouts

    Petzl flow splice

    Greetings earthlings. Recently picked up Petzl flow 11.6 climbing rope from Arbsession. It has a special splice at the end which seems to be just the sheathe tucked in on itself and buried for 12” or so. The splice is rated for 15kn. The splice is designed such that mechanical devices can pass...
  3. Stumpsprouts

    Carlton 1290

    Anyone on the buzz have one of these? I’m demoing one this week and have some questions specific to the engine (Vanguard 35hp) and unfortunately the folks I’m buying it from don’t seem to have a lot of experience running the machine. Would appreciate chatting with someone who could fill in some...
  4. Stumpsprouts

    Expenses pie chart?

    I’ve been a contract climber since March, and I’m gathering my income and expenses for the year in a spreadsheet, a very good way to keep myself from spending a bunch of money on these sales going on right now. I’m wondering if folks would care to recommend a general target for percentage of...

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