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  1. ATH

    Backup cameras & wood chippers

    Bluetooth camera. Put one on the truck and one on the chipper. Amazon Fire tablet mounted in the truck. I haven't done this yet, but my plan for sometime. I have a wired one in the truck now. Rarely feel like one on the trailer would help.
  2. ATH

    Does anyone use a levelled laser for hedging?

    How about a string???
  3. ATH

    Organic Lawn Treatments

    sounds like a bunch of BS to me...Bonobos that is. OK...that leads to funny story from Columbus zoo - pretty sure it was at the Bonobos exhibit: One climbs up and is hanging on the wall maybe 8' over another. Then it starts to squeeze out a log. The one below is looking up, I can only imagine...
  4. ATH

    Whats the best handheld electric chainsaw sharpener?

    Because he might throw a breaker if he tries to sharpen a receptacle.
  5. ATH

    College football fans

    It did...I was also in Blacksburg the next year when OSU got its payback. But man was that game in Columbus fun! I think we've covered the 3 CFB games I've been to in the last 10+ years...
  6. ATH

    Nondisclosure/noncompete employee agreement

    Is this a 3rd party you are looking to hire (as in, contracting with an agency as opposed to outright hiring a person)? If so, I'd suspect NDAs are standard fare. Think, for example, medical records transcription. Many doctors contract with 3rd parties to do this. Obviously, those records...
  7. ATH

    College football fans

    Hey...look, I'm over there! Yeah, that was a really cold game. I went with a friend whose father is good friends with a big time donor. We got his tickets (and parking space) so had pretty good seats. Not free, but great seats. Your seats at South Bend look better than my seats watching...
  8. ATH

    College football fans

    Been to ND to watch VT beat them. I thought it was overrated... especially the stadium itself: wooden benches -and we had great seats, tiny "jumbotron" (which has been upgraded since). I will say it "feels" a lot smaller than 77K, which is a good thing to have that capacity but not feel huge.
  9. ATH

    Hand held butane torch purchase

    I just made creme bruleee for the first time today for our Easter dinner... Read up on which torch to use. Sounds like a plumbing propane torch is better than a "kitchen torch" for that. I have a couple of butane torches I keep for melting the ends of ropes. I just buy whatever is cheap at...
  10. ATH

    ID charts

    What you are describing is called a dichotomous key.
  11. ATH

    ID charts

    Seek, by iNaturalist is pretty good. not perfect at all, but good
  12. ATH

    Whats the best handheld electric chainsaw sharpener?

    I think the one I have is an Oregon. You can have it. Like @Reach said, the Pferd (or Stihl's is identical) 2-in-1 is so much better. I admittedly suck at free hand sharpening. That is why I bought the electric hand sharpening was better! I've gotten better over the years....but...
  13. ATH

    ID charts

    Buy a book. I've always liked the key in Peterson guide
  14. ATH

    New Log Truck- PALFINGER

    I have a friend who runs a grapple truck with no chipper. He went from a 60 yard to 80 yard box a couple of years ago. He also spends quite a bit of time doing storm cleanup after hurricanes, etc... There is another company in Dayton Ohio that runs several crews (10+???). I had heard the...
  15. ATH

    Dyne-Amic Surfactant

    This week was a tank...but usually backpack or hand pump. I actually put some from the tank into a hand pump for a couple of distant trees, but it didn't sit long. I was afraid I was going to be 'jinxed' as I made the mix this week since I said this hasn't happened to me
  16. ATH

    Dyne-Amic Surfactant

    so Reliant:Water is 50:50 then you add pentrabark? I just made up another batch yesterday and had no problems... We were doing a bunch of trees...I think I mixed 8 Qt Reliant, 5 gallons water and 16 oz Pentrabark (I'm being too lazy to go look that up...but pretty sure that is what we used).
  17. ATH

    Push notification for ANSI A300 and Z133 updates

    Doesn't ANSI call for a 5-year review of all standards? That doesn't necessarily mean that we changed every 5 years... But they are reviewed and changes are considered. It seems like more often than not there are some minor changes that are made at each review. ISA probably changes their BMPs...
  18. ATH

    Is there ever a risk of hanging upside down

    @JeffGu where did you find those groundies? :LOL:
  19. ATH

    Is there ever a risk of hanging upside down

    Is it possible, sure. Not likely - especially with a lanyard. Note that tree climbing saddles are not designed to keep you in that way. Not saying I've never hung upsidedown on purpose... How to recover? Do a situp
  20. ATH

    Climbing system for teaching kids?

    For their very first climb I've done top rope belay (MRS). They are tied into the end of the rope. The friction device is on my on my harness (I'm on the ground). They climb and don't worry any the rope at all... I learned at ropes courses and rock climbing before climbimg trees so that made...

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