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  1. Serf Life

    Anyone using a portable structure for a shop?

    We’ll be moving to our new spot early summer and a barn isn’t in the immediate budget. Looking at ShelterLogic pipe-type structures large enough to pull a chiptruck or chipper into to work out of the elements. 4-6k depending on size and tarp thickness. Code enforcement are sticklers so has to be...
  2. Serf Life

    My New Year Resolution is..

    Eat more donuts, homie needs more insulation.
  3. Serf Life

    TCIA Article on Financing
  4. Serf Life

    Positioner vs zillon

    Weigh in folks.
  5. Serf Life

    Best 14” 3/8p bar

    Looking to upgrade on my 355 but open to mod a bar if need be. Anyone have experience with the Husky Techlite?
  6. Serf Life

    Mini mulch/snow bucket

    Anyone have one? BMG makes a yard bucket for ~$1k. So many trips of chips etc with the 1/3 yard one that came with my DW but spendy.
  7. Serf Life

    Need some help

    Just looked at a job that is a level up from where I’m at and could use some experienced opinions. It is two house lots on an island and cleaning up a spruce blow down area (2 acres?). There will be a barge bringing in excavation equipment etc so there is no issue getting gear there. Terrain is...
  8. Serf Life

    Bittersweet control under trees

    Looking to chemically treat larger diameter, heavily established, vines. One spot is adjacent to a wetland so Vastlan is a rated option. Thinking cut-stump but don’t want to damage a mature maple where the vines originate.
  9. Serf Life

    Wtb Chipper

    Hi all, my old bandit’s JD 80 turbo died this week and repairs are more than I want to invest in it. Did a service and all new filters last month, new knives, anvil in it and was chipping like a champ. Really sucks. Looking for a 12” chipper (preferably 200, 250, 990) but would consider...
  10. Serf Life

    2016 70’ bucket truck Just saw it on CL, briefly worked for this company and they are stellar with their gear. In house mechanic, full sized shop etc. if anyone’s in the market give them a shout
  11. Serf Life

    Days in Maine

    For folks who live here or have ties to it we know what a special place this can be. No state is the “best” but I really love Maine. Gonna post pics and day to day living now and then. Hope it may help tempt some travelers or people looking for a new area to try out.
  12. Serf Life

    Legal question

    Has anyone dealt with release of liability? There are templates for it, conflicting info, and convoluted legalese online. I have a 3ish week project to pick away at of mostly woods work, part of the deal/quote was based on using their 44hp tractor to twitch trees and haul the chipper into the...
  13. Serf Life

    Pruning at planting

    Any research on how much is too much? Recently planted 7 “orphan” trees for a client out of the bargain part of a nursery. Mult tight tops, crossed limbs, but roots ok etc. My MO has been leave almost all foliage for the first season to help it establish, but open to suggestions.
  14. Serf Life

    Which chain do you use?

    Full chisel, semi chisel, square...? Full comp, semi, full skip? Which saws with which chains? Do you notice one to stay sharper than others? etc etc
  15. Serf Life

    Priming diesel

    Hadn’t heard of this technique before; spray diesel into air intake as someone cranks it over. Those stupid hand pumps take forever.
  16. Serf Life

    LumberJill Champion interview I had the pleasure of being teammates and competing with some phenomenal women in college, the sense of comaraderie between genders was awesome. Badass ladies running axes, much respect.
  17. Serf Life

    6.0 Mechanic on the East Coast

    Planning on buying a 2004 f550 chip truck from a member in the next month, preferably yesterday. My F450 has two underbelly boxes and that is it for storage... Does anyone know of a versed 6.0 mechanic to do work on it? Want to get the engine gone through and fix the common issues beforehand...
  18. Serf Life

    Handsaw sharpening service?

    Anyone know of an online or local to you establishment who does this? The guy who did them here is retiring and no dice on others I called.
  19. Serf Life

    Doubled aluminum rings

    Thinking to splice two dmm rings together with 12 strand to make a dead eye or small ultra sling to use in lieu of x-ring. 1/2" rigging rope only. Good bend radius and strength, but curious if there would be downsides? I have a number of extra rings just sitting around and trying to think of...
  20. Serf Life

    Morbark articulating loader coming soon 24.5 kubota in it and rated for 1800 lb lift and 9.5' high. That engine is in everything!

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