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    Iso: books?

    People tend to hold their libraries dear, and understandably so. Looking to start building my collection and seeing as I'm about to have a kid (today or tomorrow in fact), so figured I'd see if anyone has any good old fashioned paper material they would be willing to part with at a fair price! I...
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    How would you make this cut?

    Just hoping to pick your brains on if there is a better way to make this cut or not. I was pruning a magnificent red oak for a side job recently. There was what looked like an old, large lead that broke off many years ago leaving a rotting nub that was pretty large, about 15 feet up from the...
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    Srt device?

    Mostly do srt lanyard configuration these days, would be interested in anything that can manage this and mrs configuration. Love the sticht hitch concept but would love another tool for the arsenal even more :b
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    "Dynamic" rope for specific SRT uses in relevance to anchor safety

    Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here, I searched and didnt find anything too specific. I'm a huge fan of redundancy and am always looking for ways to increase my safety barrier while climbing. Especially since I am mostly self teaching SRT in my work. Now, I was wondering if any of you...
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    Captain hook & TM light

    Been considering trading or selling lately, so wanted to gauge interest on both items. For now I'm gonna say I'm mostly looking to trade, and if nothing desirable comes up, then I shall sell. Recently acquired an MCRS, cant go back to having my nuts pinched by a chastity belt. The captain...
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    ISO: a safety minded, climbcentric outfit - MN/beyond?

    Hello buzzards. Been working in the industry for the past 14 months or so, climbing for the past 8. At times my current employer is just fine, but I'm not sure I can see myself with them long term. Not to put anyone here on the spot but I see folks on here bust out some crazy knowledge, so...
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    SRT for small-medium trees?

    Anybody out there have advice on SRT techniques for small-medium trees? In spirit of productivity I've just been sticking to mrt because I can just hop up, climb to the top, and do the thing vs setting a line with the throw bag. Friction Is the enemy tho, I was considering climbing to my TIP...
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    Wtb: hook. Any well-designed grapple hook.

    Hello all. Pretty sure something similar was posted quite recently but figured I'd give it a shot. Looking for any well-designed grapple hook. Captain hook or other. I'm looking at the yella grapple on wesspur but im not sure I like the look of it. wanted to see if anyone had something that...
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    Wtb bigshot head - ACQUIRED

    Anybody got a big shot head they'd part with?
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    Slimmest chainsaw pants?

    In your experience, what are the slimmest, tightest fitting chainsaw pants? I'm a twig, anything semi loose inevitably rides up my legs while climbing, its blows
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    Ms391 left on high idle

    Ello. Disclaimer, I am not that mechanically adept. New guy started today, hes a dingle berry. he went to start a chainsaw and "let it warm up." He left it on partial choke and walked away. I turn the corner, see it smoking, and rush to turn it off. Strong burning plastic odor. Looked the...
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    Strange tree in Forks, WA

    In someones yard. Was probably 50 feet tall if my memory serves correctly?
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    WTB: "next gen" type saddle and maybe other goods?

    Greetings, buzzards. Just started climbing for work on a tm a few months ago. Buying a house so I'm a broke fellow, but I'm in desperate need to satisfy my newfound addiction outside of work :b Wasnt originally trying to buy anything used but would love to get some practice in. Figured I'd...

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