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  1. burtonbc1400

    Skid vs Mini Skid

    Hey TreeBuzz, I'm starting research into getting a piece of equipment. So far my set up is a F150, a 5x10 ubilt dump trailer, F550 chip truck, 14" Vermeer chipper. I am in a rural/suburban area. Interior BC Canada . Homeowners mostly have modest incomes around here. The way I see it, a...
  2. burtonbc1400

    Samson Rope choices.

    I am a fan of Samson Ropes. I have historically climbed ddrt on hitchhiker pulley/VT, and also SRT w/ hitchhiker/VT +ropewrench. I just started climbing with a roperunner pro. I've run Samson Voyager in the past on ddrt, with 10mm ocean hitch cord. I loved it. I would consider getting it...
  3. burtonbc1400

    Adjustable rope bridge rope grab/cam

    I've seen a few versions/ideas. Not a fan of the zip ties set up, forget who posted that. I'm looking into getting the monkey beaver harness, and I'd like to copy what August Hunicke has. Anyone have good results with a certain a rope grab? Petzal's Micrograb looks like a good option...
  4. burtonbc1400

    Vermeer BC 1400 chipper knife torque?

    Any idea of a torque spec for Vermeer BC 1400 xp knive bolts? My guess would be 200 ft lbs?
  5. burtonbc1400

    1 ton or 2 ton?

    Hi, So I'm looking to upgrade my truck. I have a BC1400 Vermeer chipper, which I'm dragging around with my half-ton F-150 and I'm pretty sure I'm wrecking the transmission. I can barely go 50km/hr. uphill. I was looking at One tons, Dodges 5.9 or Fords 7.3, but now I'm seeing a few options...
  6. burtonbc1400

    BC1400 Infeed roller gap/spread. Tightening issue.

    Hi, This is my first post. I recently bought a Vermeer BC1400, my first chipper. It sat around for a while before I bought it and I had to solve some problems to get it running and chipping. It does chip now! But, I brought it to a job and was chipping some pretty big stems, probably max...

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