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  1. climbhightree

    Grapple hooklift truck build

    Sorry I must have been still blurry eyed when I read your initial post. I was thinking a grapple saw truck, not a log grapple.
  2. climbhightree

    Grapple hooklift truck build

    What size crane are you thinking? There is tons of frame work that needs to be done for a medium to large crane mounting, and then the hooklift mounted on top of that (or integrated into it). Here is my hooklift crane build...
  3. climbhightree

    Printers in the truck?

    I have been probably doing this for at least 10 years for estimates, and I love it. HP mobile printers have been my go to printer (battery powered and Bluetooth). At the estimate appointment I just type it up on my phone in QuickBooks mobile, and then send it to the printer via PrinterShare...
  4. climbhightree

    Grapple Saw Crane for Sale

    Links to your Facebook videos Video 1 Video 2 Video 3
  5. climbhightree

    Legends 2021

    Good, because then my wife won't make me sign up. ;-) But it is sad to have all the awesome events/activities/trainings canceled.
  6. climbhightree

    New to bidding work with crane rental. Curious about your thoughts....

    As someone said above, get the crane in and out as fast as possible...dont make him sit around and wait for you (between picks, at the end, etc). I can't recall any 4k type job where I had the crane there for a full 8 hours...taking half my money. Most single tree jobs, the crane is leaving by...
  7. climbhightree

    New to bidding work with crane rental. Curious about your thoughts....

    Using a crane typically cuts the job time in half, or more. In the past when I rented a stick crane, the charge to the customer was pretty much the same whether I used the crane or not. With crane the price per hour is higher, but job goes quicker. Without the crane the job is less per hour, but...
  8. climbhightree

    Vermeer Mini skid steer

    Never used a power rotating grapple, so it is hard to compare. I personally love a mini skid and the free floating bmg, and added benefit of the scoops/rake. I have never had a issue where I was thinking a power rotation grapple could do this better...more often I'm like how would a power do this.
  9. climbhightree

    Lettering a K boom

    Either way, I just don't see them staying nice. I use a dry graphite like spray, anywhere I see rub marks...lettering wouldn't work on the sides of my extentions
  10. climbhightree

    Lettering a K boom

    Though I honestly dont know how you would grease this boom....
  11. climbhightree

    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Umm to make it fair population wise, you have to add Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK numbers together...which would put them on top as to number of cases. Make sure you add up all those countries deaths to...
  12. climbhightree

    Anyone use a rangefinder?

    Has multiple modes. 2 ways to do tree height. Here are some. Ps - this is what I use too.
  13. climbhightree

    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Your basing this on cases. You base it on deaths, so far we are looking better. With our travel society and type government type I would kinda expect high number of cases. But I would also expect a lower death rate due to our technology, resources and government type.
  14. climbhightree

    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    I feel I am in a unique position, because we don't have a physical store front or office location (home office). On top of that we currently have no employees right now...just my wife and I. So there is really no risk for us to spread the virus to others. We have contacted our client for today...
  15. climbhightree

    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Below is a link to the Governor’s Administration has deemed essential/non-essential:
  16. climbhightree

    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Gov. Tom Wolf has ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania to close their physical locations to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Pennsylvania United States Total Confirmed Cases 189 Active cases 188 Recovered cases 0 Fatal cases 1 Thankful that We don't have a store or...
  17. climbhightree

    Looking for ways to reduce quote time

    Removing or trimming a tree is not like fixing a known problem on a car. Most mechanics know exactly how long it will take to replace a part in a car. Doing a tree is really a estimation on the time it will take, usually based on experience...but every tree is different (even of the same...
  18. climbhightree

    Member of this site stuck on a cruise ship.

    Just spreading the word to hopefully get them some help. @LiTreeService

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