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    opinions needed before I take my broken Bandit 250 to the metal recycler

    I restored one 98 model and now it's my work horse. Couldn't help and picked up this one couple years ago planning to do the same. never had the time and never will. already have a very nice lower hour 65 as backup chipper. going to take out all the useful parts and just haul it to the recycler...
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    re-calibrating pricing for my trimming jobs

    after over 15 years in business, I'm at the point that I can almost name my price (100% referrals). Obviously every tree is different. Let's say a typical mature pin oak in a subdivision, with 24-28" DBH, 25% facing house 20' from the house) in the front yard, branches overhang the roof by...
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    anyone knows where else to buy starter for Vermeer CTX100 (Kohler KDI1903). cant's find any source online.

    bought it brand new in April 2019. now the starter solenoid started sticking most of the times when cold start. took it apart, greased it, no help. want to buy a new one but try not to buy from Vermeer. no hits at all with google search. any idea why no one is selling that starter? Thx. Erwin
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    2003 Bandit 65, trying to re-power it now, any input? Thx

    As many of you probably still remember, I picked up an almost new 200 hour, 2003 model year 65 early this spring. As I expected, the engine died now. No compression and sucking in the right cylinder when I put my finger in the spark plug hole. Also the push rod for the points does not move as I...
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    how long a flat bed do I need to carry a mini track lift, like 90' reach?

    tossing around ideas for my next investment. I'd like to find a 2000ish 7.3 F550 with a flat bed that's long enough to carry my future spider lift when I can no longer climb often, preferably a dump bed. For those who already have a lift, what's the minimum length of flat bed do i need? I can...
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    damage to service drop, should I go ahead and pay the full amount or is there a way to reduce it?

    I normally wait till the utility to drop the line. However, this time their wait time is over a month and its not that hard for me to do it without line drop. So, I decided to get it done. However, a small twig broke off the large branch we are lowering and broke the line. it's a very old type...
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    This might be a good truck for someone looking

    saw this on my local CL. If I had my future track lift NOW, I'd consider buying this truck. 21' bed should be able to hold your lift and a mini skid on the front. there might be even room for something else. I'd prefer a 7.3 with a 16' stationary flat bed so I can mount all the tool boxes I need...
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    seeking knowlege and experience fixing oil leak on my bucket truck

    I have a 55' Altec bucket which I probably only use a few times a year. I prefer climbing most of the jobs. However, with a few of the big removals near street, the bucket is sweet. Last time I used it, there was a pretty bad leak in the tower under the boom (most likely somewhere on the turn...
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    buying SENA inter com, need advice

    I've been wearing KASK 100% time for couple years and now I want to add SENA system so I don't have to yell at my groundy and hurt my voice. I'm looking at Treestuff website. Not sure if I want to have the 3M ear muff. I think that I probably don't want to wear ear muff while im in the tree just...
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    Most disgusting job in 25 years. Boston ivy night mare.

    As u can see in the picture, almost entire canopy of both trees r covered with old grown Boston ivy. The one I’m standing on is a dead mulberry. Very hard wood, that’s why I feel comfortable to climb. The bigger, live one Is a silver maple. My job today is to remove the mulberry tree over the...
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    Have budget this year to buy a brush cutter (brush hog) for my Vermeer ctx100 mini skid, any recommendations?

    Have about 5000 budget this year. Remember reading one or couple good threads either here or on the arborist site. Just can’t find it. There was one cutter endorsed by most people running mini skid. Do you guys know which one? The only thing I can find on Google is either blue diamond, CID or...
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    Starting to restore my new/old 220 hour 2003 Bandit 65 chipper (23 hp Kohler) to serve as my back up chipper

    I was told that it's better to post in this forum. Thx As most of you guys knew that I recently picked up that chipper for a good price of 5500. Want to start this thread to give update on my restoration progress and of course, asking you all experts for opinions and help also to document what...
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    Need wiring diagram for bandit 65 autofeed. Trying to trouble shoot.

    2003 bandit 65. Autofeed does not seem working right. No wiring diagram or trouble shooting guide in the service manual. Plz help if u have the information. Thx. Erwin
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    Starting to restore my new/old 220 hour 2003 Bandit 65 chipper (23 hp Kohler) to serve as my back up chipper

    As most of you guys knew that I recently picked up that chipper for a good price of 5500. Want to start this thread to give update on my restoration progress and of course, asking you all experts for opinions and help also to document what I did to it for my future reference and might be helpful...
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    Picked up a Bandit 65 this morning, not sure a good thing or not. Hopeful a good investment

    If I were to buy this before I had my 250, it won’t be such a shocking disappointment when I first saw the 65 in person. My first chipper was the Vermeer 620 later repowered with a 25 hp engine. It served me well for 12 years. the 65 looks more like a neat toy, the feed table is sooo small even...
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    Do you use a chain cover or protector on your climbing saw when you are in the canopy?

    I never found the perfect solution so most of the time my chain is not covered. It occationally nick my rope, or my flip line. What works for you. I really want a solution. It hurts me to see a nick on my brand new flip lines. Thx. Erwin
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    Arborwear like climb pants with knee pad inserts in place?

    I looked at their ascender and canopy pants and they don’t have the knee pad pockets. I absolutely have to have them especially for way out on a limb limb walking. I tried all kinds of knee pads over the years, never found the perfect pair. The insert idea sounds good to me. Any leads? Thx. Erwin
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    If u need to want a foot ascender and a silky mounted on ur spiurs, here is how I do it

    Nice to have it all right there. I’m planning to use the foot ascender with my new SAKA mini
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    Do u have a better way to carry ur silky when u wear ur sour? This is how I do it

    I know I just have to strap it only leg when I’m not wearing spurs. But sometimes I wish I have a handsaw with my on spurs. This is how I do it and it worked perfectly with the buck Velcro pads. It still work when I changed to the big buck pads, just the angle is a little off. Any other ideas?
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    CTX100 and SC60TX first time riding together, very intimate indeed

    First time trying to load them together on my 12’ dump trailer, worked well with only a few inches to spare, to the walls an each other. Don’t think could’ve done it without the remote control though.

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