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    Chapter costs for TCC

    I was wondering what other chapters costs are for holding their TCC? According to penn-del chapter just the insurance for one day comp is 2500$! Does this sound right? Other costs seem on par, nominal. also what is the fee for registration? I was asked if I would help start fund raising for our...
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    NJ Work Day-- From a Philly guys point of view!

    Took long enough to put it together, but here is a video of the day with Dan, Rory, Derrick and myself hammering out some pruning and representing with SRT. Video is long but tried to shorten as much as I could. If the link doesnt work, just type in NJ WORK DAY DEC.7 2013 on youtube and it...
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    Scoring the Chapter TCC Finals

    I was wondering how a judge would score a climber in the Masters Finals, to represent the chapter, if the climber was coached through his climb by another climber that had previously climbed the tree a couple of turns prior. This coached climber won the event. Keep in mind I believe there were 2...
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    Climbing Course for intermediate level

    We are offering a climbing course for intermediate level climbers looking to further their skills beyond a basic level. We are going to cover a fair amount of material and provide as much climb time for all. We believe more air time is the best teacher, so bring all your gear and be ready to...
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    Refining Your Climbing Skills

    This course starts April 2-4, 2012. This is for intermediate level climbers who already have a good understanding of basic climbing techniques. We did have a beginners course last fall and had a great turnout with outstanding feedback from students and staff from Morris Arboretum. This course is...
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    Deadly Hanger

    Not too often you get called over to help with a "hanger". We were at another job when this guy asked us for help. Needless to say I wasn't interested in the meat.
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    Sling attachment

    Who has used these before? These pics were from last year, finally getting to some of these pics.
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    Worst lightning strike I've seen

    Worst lightning strike I\'ve seen I have had some more dangerous ones just because a guy had to be in the tree for cutting, but the worst explosion, yes.
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    Avoidable DEATH...

    This far from "accident" happened this morning(12/07/07). A young man around 23/24, named Anthony died when the cover for the cutter wheel on an older 250xp was ripped off and smashed his head and killed him on the spot. Probably didnt know what happened. He was trying to push the pin back in...
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    Red Oak

    This is the first of many trees to come down and be pruned at Chestnut Hill College. I have plenty-o-pics of this project.
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    2 hour poplar

    This was the afternoon tree. In/out, drive home, 3k for that one.
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    Ivy Tree

    This tree was my welcome back from Louisiana removal.
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    3 Oaks

    I got some decent shots of these 3 oaks. I'm going to post this one, then I need someone to tell me if it's coming out ok so I don't waste time with the others. You got the leaner to the left, solo dead and the dead half of the other. The remaining half of last tree will come down later, along...
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    3 Oaks *DELETED*

    Post deleted by Sawdust
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    Bring in the bigger guns : )

    Finally back after a crazy lightning storm wrecked my 'puter, TV and cable modem. It's pretty cool watching lightning hit about 200ft from house. Anyway, this job was done on tues. Four trees were coming out. We had 200t crane, couple chip trucks, small crane for limb wood and log truck for the...
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    ITCC finals

    Just wanting to post the top 4 for the finals tomorrow Mark, Strasser, Craus, Frank Chips. Sorry I can't list the girls but there's only 2. So I'll post results tomorrow. They will list results from prelims tomorrow. Later
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    100t Crane

    Here's some more unsafe work from this other guy I did work for. This is the 3rd time for this guy. It was just him and his groundguy. The crane oiler guy helped too. Anyway just don't yell at me. All those trees in the background come out to. New owner is going to rip down existing house to...
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    Tree Work

    All these trees come out. Nothing special here. Regular blah work.
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    Half day job...

    I took a couple of pics of this job that was supposed to be a 1/2 day job. We made decent time of it but was expecting on the saturday before easter to have a 1/2 day hit. I have nothing to do with the ground guys. I sub for this guy. I can only mention things so much. Besides, we wanted to get...
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    Central New Jersey climber needed...

    I know a guy in Central Jersey that is looking for a climber either full time or part time. I sub for him 1 day a week and he needs 5. So if your interested in a climber spot let me know and I'll give you his number and you can go from there. He doesn't get involved in IPM or fertilizing, just...

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