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    Any updates on the rope runner 2?

    NFPA rating for 2 man loads is for 300# per man. With that, the host rope must be rated for min. 10k#. I have only used the more common version with biner still connected to attach/detach. From what I understand, the slightly larger one that the biner must be opened to allow attach/detach is...
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    Sterling scion reviews?

    I find this rope to have an in between for "static" and more dynamic ropes. It is soft for a 24strand. Which leads me to say that I feel it's too "soft". Picks easy for some reason for me. Ascenders hold well but I end up beating this rope up quicker than others. Overall, I should have gotten...
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    2016 ITCC San Antonio

    Hold your head high for sure. You took first in prelims! Think about it... Derrick has come a long way and worked hard at it. He literally trained AMERICAN NINJA style to help get where he is today. Gratz to all who made the finals but my money was on Derrick. Next year I will just bet more!!
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    Chapter costs for TCC

    I was wondering what other chapters costs are for holding their TCC? According to penn-del chapter just the insurance for one day comp is 2500$! Does this sound right? Other costs seem on par, nominal. also what is the fee for registration? I was asked if I would help start fund raising for our...
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    Crane Accident in PA

    As far as certified ops, as far as I am aware and was informed that anyone using a "crane" to lift as little as 2k lbs. needs to be certified. I will check more into it and maybe someone else knows for sure? Might be a Pennsylvania thing... Tree guys should not be exempt, if not more controlled...
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    Crane Accident in PA

    So as I stated before, now the third time, I know it's not a frame strength issue. Yes it's all about stabilizing. I was just... Ahh never mind. The perception is getting further from the intent. Now back to our regularly scheduled program... Let's hope the bucket operator is doing fine. He got...
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    Crane Accident in PA

    I'm not referring to the front "adding"frame strength! Our crane, and others of this style, size, blah blah, when set up at a certain incline/decline, over front(which I'm not a fan of doing), over rear, side... Blah blah blah, if the front, i.e. cab, is lifted due to set up, the frame flexes...
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    Crane Accident in PA

    Thank you guys for clarifying that. So, yes it's a front stabilizer, therefore I will and hopefully all will use what the crane came with. I will choose to stabilize. Front is last to come down, first to go up. The better bigger ones that was stated before, from what I know, usually don't have...
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    Crane Accident in PA

    The front one on that style crane helps with overall stability during the whole op. Enough variables to just do it. It's designed to have ALL outriggers deployed. I'm sure we have all at some point gone beyond what we thought we were going to do, therefore plan for as much as you can. It also...
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    Women Arborist Injured at New York Botanical garden?

    You are correct marlin. She used to intern at Morris arboretum a year ago, that's where I met her. Very driven and intelligent about the profession. She was also only the second female competitor for our chapter. She was representing NY at the ITCC in Milwaukee. She just started SRT when she...
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    Rope Wrench Acceptance for ITCC

    game on for sure! can't wait to see if scoring changes are to follow??? I was thinking of retiring after 20yrs competing but only way I was going to compete next year is if SRT (RW) would be allowed. Hopefully the other SRT devices will follow suite and be allowed. Going to be fun again, boo...
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    yes it is, what up mike
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    gratz to Aaron, your a beast man! My climb sucked!! throwball isues right off the bat then went into panic mode and just climbed the tree to make sure I at least didnt time out. I did have a really nice plan and it would have all worked out but I read the tree wrong and went at it in a noob...
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    Rope Wrench Acceptance for ITCC

    This is a great positive move forward towards the future of climbing and competitions involving the ISA. I personally feel that if this was continually pushed further back on the burner that climbers would lose interest in competing in ITCC. So I guess kudos to ISA coming to their senses and...
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    AR descending dummy on single rope

    Comp time is coming soon so I wanted to bring this up again. Is it legit for ITCC rules or others? As far as I know, in rope rescue(NFPA), the I'D with the swing away plate that stays on the 'biner is rated for 1 person rescue. Even though I have seen it used as a haul/pre-tension system which...
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    NJ Work Day-- From a Philly guys point of view!

    Nice! Mark, you're like the Dos Equis guy... When he tells you to screw yourself, you write that on your resume. You're still the top dog. No need to do anything, we got ya. Just good to be a part of and run with you guys.
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    NJ Work Day-- From a Philly guys point of view!

    Our group just focused on deadwood/really hazardous pruning. Awesome group for that task. A combo of SRT going on there. The bigger ,oak mostly in video was accessed from another tree by Derrick. I accessed with throwball, which i set one for Derrick from ground and he put it to shame by just...
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    NJ Work Day-- From a Philly guys point of view!

    Took long enough to put it together, but here is a video of the day with Dan, Rory, Derrick and myself hammering out some pruning and representing with SRT. Video is long but tried to shorten as much as I could. If the link doesnt work, just type in NJ WORK DAY DEC.7 2013 on youtube and it...
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    Fellow buzzer has passed

    Sends chills down my spine! Flashbacks of my fall, which I posted here. Went back up spar to measure my fall, with cast on my arm about a week later. Tree was at my house so I left it up to remind me. A 38ft fall. At 50 I might not have lived. Norm Hall put it well after not figuring out why I...
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    Bye Bye Dogbone

    Someone F'ed that splice up!! That looks horrible and someone should be ashamed of making it and same for using it. Also a bit sketchy on the clevis pins rolling. Other weird things can happen there too. Back to the drawing board, that set up can be cleaned up and give you a better piece of mind.

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