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    Would you trust this termination on a lanyard or anywhere else?

    I was looking for a smaller alternative to a knot that's easier than sewing or hand-splicing a tight eye. It was easy enough to work a large fid through the Voyager rope followed by a carabiner. I was very careful to make the opening between the strands of the cover. I secured it to an...
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    Remember the unusual machine in the youtube video in a previous thread?

    I can't remember what thread it was in, but I think I have found out what the machine is. It's vibratory bowl feeder for small parts. It's identifiable by the upward-sloping spiral bowl similar to ones in this video: I have no idea how it fits in with whatever was going on in the video from...
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    What do you think about the new Petzl Eject Friction Saver?

    Coming in April 2021. It says it can be retrieved from the ground, but it looks like you have to be in the tree to install it. The pulley looks a little small, but it's better than having the rope slide through rings...
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    Would you climb this horror movie backdrop?

    Before and after I worked on it with the Big Shot and an old throw line to remove the easy pieces. It was making a mess with falling limbs, but I don't think much more will fall for a while. I didn't use a rope because I was hesitant to pull too hard. The tree was pretty easy to move around...
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    Speedlining a long dead limb that's hung in a nearby tree

    Here's the situation: The tree is a serious leaner, as you can see from the angle of my climbing lines. The two limbs are about fifty feet up. I had the speedline (not up yet in the pic) around the trunk several feet above limb #2 going down to the right. I had my lanyard on a higher limb...
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    Which rope is better for use with pulleys? Double braid or kernmantle

    Are both types suitable for bending around pulleys under loads? Currently using Voyager, considering Drenaline. It's going to be used with a Petzl rescue pulley (1.5 inch sheave) and a Zigzag in a 2:1 Ddrt setup.
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    Any suggestions for a permanent base anchor?

    Now that I've got my permanent friction saver figured out I see the need for a permanent base anchor on a couple of the trees I plan to climb repeatedly. Right now my base anchor is a length of Stable Braid which takes several minutes to set up and adjust. I'd like something that I could just...
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    Thanks to Treebuzz help, I easily took care of this hanging dead limb.

    A twenty-four foot limb hanging by a thread sixty feet up. The tree is only several feet from the house and heat pump. I found a good crotch on the opposite side, and got a line in it with one shot. I was confident I could climb past the lower part of the limb without touching it, and get...
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    How do you decide it's safe to climb below or close to a hanging dead limb?

    I had a tree the other day with a fairly large hanging dead limb sixty feet up. I got a line in the tree where I could use it to move the limb around to see how well it was attached. With just a little jostling, the limb fell to the ground. I've seen others that hang on through lots of...
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    How much foliage does a pine tree need?

    Apparently not a whole lot. It's been like this for several years after being damaged by a storm. I had figured it would be dead by now, but it appears to be doing just fine.
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    Anyone have experience with Petzl Control 12.5 rope and ZigZag in Ddrt setup?

    I've been thinking about trying a kernmantle rope in my 2:1 rig made with a Petzl rescue pulley (1.5" diameter) and a ZZ. The rope comes with an eye splice, which is a plus. It seems like a Petzl rope would have a good chance of working really well with the ZZ. Any opinions on the Petzl rope...
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    What's going on with this leaky long leaf pine?

    Another neighbor's tree, this one is about 20"dbh. Appears healthy in the canopy, but sap has been leaking from vertical splits around the base that extend about six feet up. There's also this cavity at the base that appears to extend inward at least eight inches. I've seen similar cavities...
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    My inexpensive roll-up door opener

    I'm sure those of you who have metal buildings know how expensive the roll-up door openers are. I got the cheapest Genie regular garage door opener I could find for $125, and figured out how to make it work on my 7'x10' roll-up door. The extra stuff I needed cost less than thirty dollars, plus...
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    My first "Oh, F...!!" moment while climbing.

    While descending from a nice climb this morning, the finger fabric of my Hardy glove got sucked into the ZigZag linkage, strangling my finger, and trapping my hand to the ZZ. I was about thirty feet up, couldn't reach the trunk, and couldn't go up or down. Definitely not the time or place for...
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    Does this tree need to come down?

    Neighbor's tree looks healthy but he's concerned about the odd growth at the split which appears to be attracting woodpeckers. One side is close enough to hit his house. There's plenty of room and he has permission to drop it on property next door. Does it need to come down?
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    What special training is required for the use of small diameter lines?

    I noticed this in the information for some ropes smaller than 1/2" in the Wesspurr online catalog: drenaLINE 11.8mm meets ANSI Z133-2017 standards, so long as the user has been trained in the use of smaller diameter lines. I don't have a copy of the standards, and I didn't see anything about...
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    Win win...reduce load on TIP and adjust length of climbing rope

    Here's something I put together this morning with some stuff I had on hand. The blue/green rope (200' of Samson Voyager) on the right is the top of my 3:1 climbing rig. The orange rope (150' of Samson Mercury) on the left runs up and over the TIP to the top of the climbing rig. A short prusik...
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    What equipment is needed for stumps with root-filled mounds?

    I cut ten large pines in my own and my neighbors' yards a while back, but I didn't do anything with the stumps. They're surrounded by root-filled mounds that are at least eight feet in diameter. I removed most of the upper part of the stumps after after the picture was taken, but they are...
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    My new permanent friction saver

    I made this friction saver this yesterday, and installed it this morning. It's made of heavy plastic from a 5-gallon bucket with #14 copper wire hoops. I pulled it up with a tag line after running my bookmark line through the hoops. I'll shorten the tag lines, and tie them to the closest...
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    Using a chainsaw to cut below wedges??

    On the Sherrrill Tree website page linked from a recent email there's a picture of someone making a cut below two wedges on a pine tree. Here's the link. You'll need to scroll down to "Explore". There's...

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